Tuesday, May 05, 2020

May Advertisers

AD | Hey lovelies, I can't believe that another month has passed already. Even though we are still in lockdown, I think that time is going very quickly! Which means it is time to share my May advertisers, make sure to gives them a warm welcome, and please do check out their posts.

First up is Alisha! I've been following her on social media and reading her blog for years so it really is an honour to have her as one of my advertisers. Her blog is filled with lifestyle, food and beauty posts. Everything included on her blog is vegan - which I think is incredible. I'm a big fan of her food posts featuring vegan treats and cooking. You need to check out the following posts of hers:

Next up is Lizzie, I've also been reading Lizzie's blog for many years. Lizzie's blog follows Japanese fashion particularly the gyaru style. Her content is a mixture of travel, fashion and lifestyle posts. Everything she posts is positively adorable, and she has such a brilliant style. I recommend the following posts of her:

Rosie's blog is full of beauty, lifestyle, and wedding content. Rosie posts many really honest product reviews, alongside lots of lockdown content - which has been really nice to read throughout the lockdown period. You will also find some really helpful social media and blogging tips on her blog. I recommend the following posts of hers:

My last advertiser of the month is the lovely Lisa from Lisa's Notebook, her blog covers a wide range of topics including family, lifestyle and reading. My favourite content of hers has to be her gardening content, I love to see what she is growing and it is really inspiring me during lockdown. Posts you must read of hers include:

I hope that you visit these blogs and love their content just as much as I do, and let's hope that May is a brilliant month!

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