Saturday, May 23, 2020

How I Make Money From My Blog

Hey lovelies, I often get a lot of questions from people about how I make money from my blog, lately I've been really active about tweeting about it because I'm really happy. This month I've made well over $1200 and I'm honestly so proud of myself. I've been on this space on the internet for almost five years and this is my best month by a long short. Before I get started I want to state there is no easy route to make money, it requires work and dedication and it won't always happen over night. It definitely didn't in my case.

I think it's best to start with a breakdown of the money I make, my money comes from affiliate sales (Gumroad, amazon), sponsored content ( sponsored posts, link insertion into older posts), monthly advertising and ADs. So I'll be splitting the post into those categories.

Monthly Advertising

I charge £5 per month for a spot on my monthly advertisers - a shameless bit of promo but if you want to advertise with me in the coming month drop me an email. Advertising information can be found here. I've sold a fair amount of slots this month with some people block booking for months of their choice, which has equated to around $100. 

I also took an advertising slot for a brand, later in the year which I charged £50/$60. ( I know some people are going to come in here with -undercharging but my blog my choice yo) 

I've been growing my following and advertising for years, income for this changes month to month but it's one regular stream of income for me.

Sponsored Content 

This one is a bit tricky to talk about right now, because of the pandemic I've been getting a lot less sponsored content than normal. I know this is across the board and not just something affecting me. Brands have to make cuts somewhere. 

When it comes to sponsored content nowadays I charge based on my page-views, how relatable the content is to my followers and if it's something I want to do. I often turn down more deals than I accept because I prefer to be authentic to my readers. 

In the last 30ish Days I've had three AD payments - all for very different things. Totalling around $200. I normally stick with the same brands from my content, and have been working with some of my sponsored clients for a few years.

Link insertion 

I mentioned this above, that I make money from this. There a few brands that get in touch with me every so often wanting to add links into my older content, it is always disclosed and I agree an amount with them/ or they bring an offer in their email. Why I haven't done this this month, last month I made $150 ish from the inclusion of two links into old Wishlist posts.


Normally I have ads on my blog, you might notice that I currently only have my amazon affiliate ads in my side bars. This is because I've recently been accepted to Mediavine and I will be adding them on my blog soon. I haven't had enough time to go through and do this yet. I'm also not completely sure how to work it - but they'll be there soon. If anyone has any tips please let me know.

Affiliate Sales

Now I know a lot of you will be here for this section of the post. This is where I've made the most money. I've been very lucky in that hitting 2.2 million impression on Pinterest has bought home a lot of traffic to my blog, thus driving more sales to my affiliate links.

Before I even start do not affiliate for things you aren't going to buy, use or read - I think it's just disrespectful to the product owners or creators. Also I've sold products this way because I've been able to show growth from using them. I think it's important to talk about this because taking on a product you aren't going to read or have no interest in just to make money, unnecessarily dilutes sales.

There are few things you need to consider if you go down the route of affiliating products on Gumroad like I do. Is the product something you use? Is it something that your audience is interested in? What is your reasoning for doing it?

Every product I've bought and ended up affiliating is because I wanted to grow my blog and I wanted to improve. Becoming an affiliate for those products was a happy bonus when the creators got in touch after I'd bought it or offered me the spot because they knew I was going to buy the product.

I've made this work for me by adding in affiliate links the relevant posts and then sharing the posts more, via twitter/ Pinterest. I've made sure to share 1-2 affiliate posts on my socials every day or every other day. I currently affiliate for around 8 products, but I share around 5 of these as I've used the other 3 for less than a month and I'm only comfortable sharing something once I've seen an active improvement. I also like to have at-least a months worth of stats to show.

Affiliate marketing works in a variety of ways - the way I do it works for me because the highest searched thing on my blog has always been blogging tips. Whereas someone who blogs more about fashion or beauty would do better via an affiliate scheme focused at such. Someone who blogs more about food or lifestyle might be better off affiliating with food related products or through a company that does both. It's about cracking into what you do, what your audience follows you for and making it work that way. You don't necessarily need a large audience but an engaged one is key.

I just want to mention that everything I know about Affiliate sales I learnt from this course Turning Your Blog Into A Money Making Machine (af).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you! Thanks for reading.

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