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AD | 10 Must Use Blog Resources

Hey lovelies, I've been getting a lot of questions about growth since publishing Let's Talk Pinterest: Reaching 2.2 Million Unique Monthly Views In 30 Days and I thought I'd share with you the blog resources that I use for blog growth, affiliate sales and SEO. I hope that these are helpful to my fellow bloggers and anyone looking to start a blog.

1) SurferSEO

Surfer SEO, is a must have tool for any budding blogger. Below are a few words about tool.

How SurferSEO can help your blog posts

I'm going to look at the Content Editor specifically as I feel this will be the most beneficial for your next blog post.

What does surfer SEO do?

Once you have selected your keyword or post title and established your competition (you can also see the word count and estimated domain traffic for the top 10 rankings) then you move into the writing interface.

The tool has already outlined a number of important terms that you should use regarding your keywords or topic. When you write it picks up the words and highlights the ones over on the right that it deems are important right away. It also shows other relevant terms related to the subject keyword for a little inspiration.

In short, It makes sure that you don't forget to use important keywords, you are not too spammy or underutilizing those vital keywords with the correct density that will help your piece rank higher in Google Search.

There is a $1 (USD) trial so you can go in and see if you like the tool. While at it, make sure you optimise your blog content to make the most of this cheap offer.

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2) Emily Dyson's Pinterest And Marketing Courses

Image Credit - Emily Dyson

In my Pinterest post, Let's Talk Pinterest: Reaching 2.2 Million Unique Monthly Views In 30 Days I mentioned multiple times that I use The Ultimate Pinterest Guide (af) it has been a lifesaver in teaching me everything I needed to know about pinterest and in just two months I've had also 60K views from Pinterest alone and that's going up every single day.

Turning Your Blog Into a Money Making Machine (af) This is another course I'm loving. It goes over everything you need to know about AD money, affiliate marketing, digital products, selling your writing and so much more. If you're looking to go more into monetising I think it's always worth reading pieces by others who successfully done it themselves. Emily is someone who brings in a 5 figure salary from her websites and marketing. 

3)  Buffer And Hootsuite

Scheduling content is the way to go. It makes life so much easier, I personally schedule 95% of all my tweets, I rarely actually log into the app daily. I use Buffer, but I know Hootsuite is a also a favourite amongst fellow bloggers. Buffer allows you to schedule 10 tweets per day on the free account - don't sleep on it.

4) The Lightroom App

Photo editing can be a pain, especially in the later months of the years. Editing software can be very expensive and not always worth the money if you are just using for blog photo editing and not full time. The Lightroom app is free to use, and offers many of the photoshop editing tools on it. I've been using it for years.

5) Grow and Glow

The Grow and Glow community is absolutely amazing, and really I learnt so much from using the online resources that they have to offer, especially the instagram hashtag list and the SEO resources. It really did help me so much. I really like the facebook group a lot too, it makes speaking to other bloggers really easy, and there is a real sense of community in the group. If you wanted to check it out or join the link is here*

6) MailChimp

Setting up a mailing list is something I would recommend all bloggers to do. The quicker you start building your list, the quicker it will grow. I've only started after 4 years and I've definitely missed out on a ton of views from it, don't sleep on it! Mailchimp is my go to.

7) Stock Images

I personally use Pexels- I find it to be super user-friendly for downloading images and the library is absolutely massive. I recently came across Ivory Mix which has some absolutely gorgeous stock images of flowers and desk spaces, it also has some really great free downloadable resources too.

8) Boss Babe Chronicles

Mariam's blog is a goldmine of resources for bloggers, I highly recommend reading her blog. I personally love to see her Pinterest bits and I really found her income report interesting. Check out her blogging101 tab for the content.

9) Jenny Marston's Blog Resources

Jenny is one blogger that I've been following for a really long time, maybe three or four years. She's someone who I've loved watching grow, and thrive. Her blog resources are second to none, and I really recommend them as they are so inexpensive to purchase. She has two Ebooks A Beginners Guide To Growing Your Blog Following £5.99 (af) and A Beginners Guide To Blogging £9.99(af) which are both incredible and I recommend to new bloggers looking to grow.

10) Grammarly 

Last, but certainly not least is Grammarly, my writing has gotten better over the years but for the most part I still run all my posts through this gem just to be sure. As well as being able to check your grammar and spelling, Grammarly has a whole host of functions that can be very useful.

That's it for resources today, but let me know in the comments what your favourite blog resource is! 

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*This post includes affiliate links and paid placement but all opinions expressed are my own*


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