Thursday, April 23, 2020

Let's Talk Pinterest: Reaching 2.2 MIllion Unique Monthly Views In 30 Days

Hey lovelies, this has been a massively requested post, y'all seem to love and support my Pinterest growth right now and I think that is hella nice. I want to start off by saying when I got furloughed in March I needed something to take up my time so I turned to blogging and Pinterest to keep me sane, so I'm so humbled by the growth I've had. I'm by no means an expert, I've been using Pinterest for a grand total of 2 months properly, I've just figured out what works for me.

I'll be sharing all the tips and tricks I've learnt and anything I think will be helpful. I'll be using affiliate links in this post but they will be disclosed and I'm only sharing products I've actually used.

What Resources Have You Been Using For Growth Kayleigh?

This is the most asked question I get, on twitter I get questions/dms and even emails almost daily. I've been using Emily Dyson's Ultimate Pinterest Guide (af) religiously since buying it, Emily has been nice enough to offer it for just $25 for the next 10 of my followers who purchase it, which is a massive deal as I purchased it for $47, just use the code SALE23 at the checkout for your discount!  The guide goes over everything pin related, everything board related, viral pins and just all the basics you need to know.

Further than that everything else has been trial and error. 

When Do You Pin And How Often Do You Pin?

I've heard many different answers to this but between 25-60 pins seems to be the max. Obviously if you are posting 60 individual pins per day, you're likely to get flagged for spam. I personally aim for 15-40. I always post in small bursts of 2-5 pins and mainly post on US time.

Why US Time you ask? My strategy came from figuring out when my audience is active, I mainly pin my blog tips, recipe and craft posts as I know these are subjects that do well on Pinterest. I spent a few days pinning over different hours, to find out which worked best for my content. I used google analytics to check which hours my pins received the most views. I recommend trying this. Once I had found that it was 11pm-4am UK time, I started scheduling my pins for these times. 

How do I know this works? Well I've had 1-5 pins reach 400-600 pin clicks every night between these times. Sometimes more. I recently had an off the scale evening where I had 8 pins all hit 400+ views and woke up to my analytics showing 5,000 page views at just 9am. It was such an incredible feeling. I've included two days above so that you can see almost all my traffic was in those hours.

Since then I've tailored my keywords to most fit an American audience. It's worked wonders.

For pin design and what keywords I've been using I followed the advice in Emily Dyson's Ultimate Pinterest Guide (af).

Unique Views Are Great, How Many Link Clicks Do You Actually Get?

Since you're asking I had 29,862 views in March, and so far in April I'm on 28K. In this time I've changed my pin design and I've been focusing on making my pins more 'pinnable', I've got the audience now I just need them to click to my website!

I'm currently cleaning up my boards a lot, as I had them post blogging on Pinterest so they've seen better days.

How Do You Manage Pinning Upto 40 Times Per Day

Okay, personally I create all my pins on a Sunday, I keep a journal which notes the day, what times I'll be posting and what pins I'll be posting - this means I can make everything, choose the colours, the text, mix up my pin design.

I personally don't like creating pins daily so this works best for me. I don't use Tailwind. I actually don't think it's worth it, I never had any particularly good experiences with it. I schedule everything through Pinterest directly. I know some people like Tailwind because of the tribes aspect but I didn't enjoy it.

Are Group Boards Worth It??

Personally I've found they have been. I've always had some really good link clicks and saves from the boards I use, and I know that not everyone thinks they are worth it but I do. So I'm going to share some group boards I personally use.

Blog Post Share Group Board (This is one is created by me)

I really do recommend having a small board of 10-15 bloggers to share and re-pin your content as this is also something I've found really helpful.

My Pins Are Getting Impressions But No Clicks

This was one that baffled me for a little while too. I struggled to figure out why my pins weren't being pinned or clicked at all but the impressions where 7-10K. It's because why the design was pretty I don't think mine stood out enough. So I changed the text, played around with Canva for many hours until I found something that I thought worked for me.

I'm already doing these things and it isn't working for me?

The nature of Pinterest means that pins can viral at any given time, that they can get traction at any given time. 

I've had days where my views have been worse, and yes it is disheartening but honestly use it to motivate you more. When it happens to me, I check my guide, fix up boards, check new trending keywords and do my best to make sure my pin design is better etc.

Make sure you don't delete your pins, make sure you're pinning other content, that you're updating the keywords that you use. If your pins aren't getting clicks, make new pin designs and try them. Trial and error can really help you find something that works.

I want to finish this up by saying, if you have any questions and you need any guidance please feel free to reach out to me, I'm always happy to offer advice if I think I can help you. 

Again everything I've learnt can be found in Emily Dyson's Ultimate Pinterest Guide and this is where I learnt everything keyword/ board / pin design related and I think its worth every penny.

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