Friday, April 10, 2020

60 Blog Post Ideas For Isolation

Hey lovelies, I know not everyone is feeling motivated by isolation but personally I'm using it to try and get as much content as possible scheduled for when life goes back to normal. I'll probably never be in a position where I have this much free time to work on my blog this much ever again, and I want to make the most of it. So here is a ton of blog post ideas!

Beauty Blog Ideas

  • Isolation skincare routine 
  • Disappointing makeup you've used
  • A celebrity inspired makeup look
  • Easy makeup looks for beginners 
  • Your favourite dupe products
  • Your makeup storage
  • Share your favourite fragrances
  • Your current makeup wishlist
  • Show your empties
  • A budget friendly skincare/makeup routine
  • Tell us your favourite high end fragrances
  • Your hair care routine 
  • Skincare products you couldn't live without
  • Share your favourite beauty Youtubers
  • Making a DIY face-mask
  • Tell us what brands you think are over-rated
  • Make up trends you love
  • Favourite nail art looks 
  • Share your red lipsticks
  • Pamper evening essentials

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  • Movies to watch in isolation
  • Share you tattoo stories
  • Isolation date ideas
  • Share your ten TV series
  • Share a playlist
  • Participate in an online challenge
  • Share your outfit of the day
  • Post a new recipe
  • Podcasts your currently loving
  • Share a new hobby
  • Tell us some of your successes
  • Your current reading list
  • Share a recent travel experience
  • Lessons you've learnt from blogging
  • A week in photos 
  • Current wishlist 
  • Share your inspirations 
  • A tour of your blogging space
  • An open letter
  • Favourite meals

Blogging Post Ideas

  • Your tips for Pinterest
  • A must have blog post checklist
  • How to fix broken links
  • Building a following 
  • Tips for new bloggers
  • How to use instagram to drive traffic
  • Making money from blogging
  • Understanding affiliate marketting
  • Improving older blog posts
  • How to score brand collaborations
  • Blog photography tips
  • When to avoid blogging collaborations
  • The best ways to source stock images
  • Twitter chats/threads to follow
  • Blogging does and don'ts
  • How to make an effective pin
  • Improving your DA score
  • Group Pinterest boards to use
  • How to guest post on other blogs
  • Making the most of your social media platforms

I hope that you find these helpful and that you really enjoy the bank holiday weekend even if we are all stuck inside.

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