Saturday, March 21, 2020

Things To Do At Home During Coronavirus Isolation

Hey lovelies, it feels so weird to be even writing this post or the title. I'm trying to take isolation on the chin, trying to make the most of it and forget that I'm out of a job and I have enough money to support myself for around three-five months at the most (which I know puts me in a better situation than most) but it's still terrifying really. So I thought that I would share with you some of the things that I will be doing during the isolation period to stay sane, and to make the most of my time as I will probably never have this much time without work ever again.

Clear Out My Wardrobe 

I haven't been able to clean out my wardrobe in about three years. I move house very often but I don't normally go through my clothes, I just chuck them into my suitcase or into a box get to my new house and just move on. I normally buy new clothes every single month and never get rid of any unless they are holed or ripped.

Post Bits On Depop

I have so many clothes that I've not sent back to companies I've bought online that don't fit me, so many clothes I don't wear. Literally so many items that are just hanging around my house, whatever bits I don't donate to my local charity shops I will post on Depop. I never normally have the time to take photos and upload bits but now I do!

Spring Cleaning

I never have time to do large amounts of cleaning at my house, I do the bits that I use the most like my bedroom/ bathroom/ kitchen. I'm going to be using this time to clean out my oven, to clean my hallways, wiping my skirting boards, clearing out inside my cupboards etc.

Binge New Shows On Netflix

I can't imagine how many more views per month Netflix is about to get, but I bet it is actually wild. I personally have quite a large list of things that I am currently trying to watch/ catch up on which include but are not limited too, all the Studio Ghibli movies, Money Heist, Love is Blind
 and The Stranger.

If you need a suggestion I recently posted a Must Watch Netflix Shows of 2020.

Start A New Craft

Starting a new craft is a really great way to keep creative why you are in isolation. It will keep your brain active and it's a great excuse to start something you've been waiting to do for a new time, such as drawing, knitting, learning to play a new instrument! Whatever floats your boat.

Make New Foods

If you're like me regularly you would not have a large amount of time for cooking, use this time to make all the food you want to try. For me I will be using this time to make a lot of cakes, baking is something that I love but I never have the time to do. I would love to make some brownies or learn how to get better at making pancakes.

Ask for cooking actual meals, I've been trying to get better at making wholesome meals so far I've made a vegetarian Thai Green Curry and Aubergine Korma. So far both have been great and I can't wait to try and make some vegetarian chilli and homemade pizzas.

Order Food From An Independent Restaurant 

If you're stuck inside you are eventually going to want to have some delicious takeaway, I've been inside for three days and I'm already dreaming of my next delicious takeaway! There are many independent restaurants unable to open their doors now due to the government for the foreseeable future. Many are now offering takeaway options, I recently posted Supporting Local Businesses Through Covid19 you should check it out.

Start A Workout Program

If you're not leaving the house you aren't going to be getting the regular amount of exercise you would if you were out and about daily. If you feel comfortable working out from home and want to, make yourself a program and try to workout daily or whenever feels comfortable for you. I'll personally be using the five minute workout app during this time.

I'd love to know what things you will be doing at home if/when you isolate, let me know in the comments.


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