Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Small Successes During Isolation

Hey lovelies, I've literally struggled really hard with my first week of isolation. I live on my own as it is and I've gone from living such a fast pace life to doing the most minimal during the day, and it's really affected me. I don't think there is any shame in admitting this has been hard because I think this will the case for many people. I've only left my house twice for food shopping because online shopping really wasn't going to happen. I've done a lot of things inside my house and I thought I'd share some of my successes! If you're in need of an activity check out my 30 Things To During Isolation.

Cleaned Out My Old Flatmates Stuff

If you follow my twitter account then you will be very aware of my flat mate horror stories, luckily and very recently my flatmate from hell moved out (thank god because I could not have done isolating with him in the same building). He left so quickly that he literally left, everything he owned. after copious attempts to get ahold of him my landlords made the decision to remove his belongings, so I've been cleaning the rooms and getting rid of anything left over!

I never have the time or energy around work to do this as it was such a big job but I got completed quickly, and now the space feels so much better and more like my own.

Got Rid Of My Old Clothes

I mentioned in previous posts that I've been meaning to get rid of some of clothes, especially the bits that don't fit. I donated many of them which made me feel real good, I'm not trying my hardest not to needlessly buy new things that I don't use or potentially won't fit. I have the worst habit it of buying things online, that end up not fitting properly and just keeping them. I really need to stop needlessly buying things.

Finally Went Food Shopping

As someone who worked 50-70 hours weekly, I almost always ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at work. it was a thing of convenience and I would always be way too tired to cook after a 12-14 hour shift. So when I became aware that lockdown would be on the horizon I realised I was royally screwed and the jar of coffee I've had in my cupboard for 18 months probably wouldn't suffice as a healthy meal for three weeks. 

Braving the shops was actually awful, the shelves were awful because of the lack of everything which isn't the stores fault, but the silly people who panic bought things. I managed to get everything I needed over the course of a week by making a few trips. I now have plenty of food and I've started to fall in love with cooking a lot more. If you need a suggestion check out my 30 Meal Ideas For Isolation. I'm thinking about sharing a post of all the vegan food I've been trying and loving.

Saw 10K Extra Traffic From Pinterest

Now, this is probably the biggest blogging success for me because for the most part I've only been using Pinterest for two months! I've had multiple pins hit 200-500 views each which saw a large increase in my traffic for the month, a massive 10,000 extra page views! I'm literally so chuffed about it and I hope that it continues to help me grow my blog.

It is honestly such a humbling experience to click on google analytics and see 200 people viewing your blog posts. It honestly makes me feel so incredibly happy inside.

Edited Old Blog Pages

I've spent a lot of time this week going through my old blog pages and I've done a lot of editing and updating things. The next big task for me on the blog will be sorting broken links but since I did it last in January, hopefully it won't be too bad. I still want to go back and edit the layout of some older posts where I can, but I think I'll have plenty of time to do that with isolation.

I've edited my advertising page, so if you're interested in jointly my monthly advertisers then please do support me and my blog and check out the page - here -

I'd love to know the things that you've done throughout isolation that you're proud of, even if it is binging hours of Netflix (I've done that too) or playing animal crossing all day! Let me know.


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