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GUEST POST | Why cutting my screen time was the best thing ever

Why cutting my phone screen time was the best thing ever šŸŒŸ

Hey! I’m Sarah from the blog Sarah Eliza and I’m so excited to be sharing a post on Kayleigh’s fabulous site! Over on my blog you can find all sorts of productivity tips, and cruelty-free beauty picks and lifestyle content. 

I’ve always been someone who’s been glued to their phone - never with much purpose but endless scrolling through twitter, then instagram, then facebook and then back to twitter. It’s also quite hard when you’re a blogger to feel you can take a break from socials. But, it was last year when my phone started to give me little reminders of how much I was using my phone that I realised I needed to cut it down. I really started to consciously cut down the amount I was using my phone, when I use it and how. I tried to focus on only using it when I really needed it and not being the thing I picked up first thing in the morning and last thing I put down in the evening. Now, over a year later, I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself and here’s why.

I’m so much more productive

Without the distraction of my phone beeping every 5 minutes to take me away from my work, it’s been much easier to get into the zone of working, writing and be on a roll whatever I’m doing. I definitely noticed a difference during my final year exams back in university last year. I kept my phone on the other side of the room to start with and by the end of my exams, I wouldn’t even think about checking my phone during the breaks - I got so much more done! 

My conversations are better

Firstly, conversations with friends over the phone or when texting are so much better because I no longer feel forced to reply straight away. Instead, waiting until I have the time to reply has been so positive and I’ve had much better and happier conversations with my friends. Also, conversations in person. Without my phone distracting me, I feel like I’m more present in the conversation, listening better and more engaged. 

I’m more “in-the-moment”

While I’ve never been someone to walk and look at my phone (I’m way too clumsy for that!), I’ve definitely been more aware of what’s going on around me. Whether it’s when I’m walking down the street, sitting with my friends at lunch at work or just even at home. I feel like I’ve been taking in a lot more and not been all consumed by my phone. Even at concerts, I’m less inclined now to reach for my phone and take a picture - I’ll take maybe one and a short video and I spend the rest of the evening really enjoying myself! 

More time for things I enjoy (and more!)

I’ve found myself reading more, even watching films I’ve been meaning to watch for ages and not had the time. I’ve been getting ready faster, fitting more into my day. I’ve even picked up some new hobbies! I’ve started knitting; I’ve had more time to get creative and even started learning a new language. I think this is when I really realised how great it is to cut screen time and how much I’ve been missing out on doing just from spending an hour or so on my phone every day. 

But, most importantly… I’m happier. 

I’m less concerned with how I look on social media. There’s less time to see toxic content on social media as well as allowing me to cut out toxic friendships I don’t have time for any more. From this screen time detox, it quickly turned into a social media detox as I was feeling less of a need to log on to social media. I’ve felt so much happier not feeling I need my phone 24/7. 

So it’s a year later, I’ve cut my screen time down from an average of 3 hours a day to an average of 45 minutes a day! It seems like a ridiculously hard change to make when you become so reliant on your phone but making small changes like picking up a book instead of your phone, drinking water instead of picking up your phone in a revision break was some small ways I found to lead to such a drastic cut in my screen time. 

What’s your average daily phone screen time? Do you notice any differences in your day when you’re on your phone less?


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