Sunday, March 22, 2020

AD | Gaston Luga Review

GIFTED | Hey lovelies, today I'm going to be sharing with you a review of an amazing new bag that I recently received from Gaston Luga. I'm a massive bag snob, I'm really particular about the bags and the brands that I use. I've always been the kind of person that will save up to buy nice bags, as I've always loved having Dr Marten bags or leather satchels so I was really excited to try a Gaston Luga Parlan bag.

When browsing the website, I absolutely fell in love with the style of backpacks, I'm someone that is constantly on the go. I works 6-7 days a week, I work at two different venues, I also try to use my half days to go out and to do things with my friends or significant other, I need a bag that is durable and will last, and can fit a variety of objects in it from ID, to clothes, to food etc. 

"Pärlan is made from comfortable, lightweight and water-resistant nylon, durable enough go with you anywhere. The inside is compact, but still with enough room for all your daily necessities, and a special compartment that holds up to A5-sized documents. It’s designed with a comfortable fit, and security in mind, with a hidden back pocket where you can store your most precious valuables."

When I saw the Parlan I knew it was the one that I had to have. I loved the design of the bag with the two pockets in the front. Having small pockets to keep keys, cards and little bits and bobs are so important to me as I constantly lose things all the time. 

I really loved the colour options bit personally went for the black black combination as I'm pretty boring, I did really like the burgundy black option though.

This bag isn't big enough for a laptop but there are plenty that are on the Gaston Luga website. I think my next investment will be the Classy Black & Pink

The straps from the bag are really durable, and adjust similar to a belt. The only negative thing is these aren't massive straps so if you have broader arms/bigger shoulders then the bag is going to sit higher up on you. I wish they were slightly longer as it woulds have been nice to have a looser fitting in some instances. 

The brand were also kind enough to give me an affiliate code, so if you fancy 15% off a stunning bag use the code KZ15 at the checkout! You also get a Complimentary 2020 Limited Edition Plånkan Cardholder in Midnight Blue with every purchase.

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