Sunday, March 22, 2020

30 Things To Do During Isolation

Hey lovelies, if isolation is making you as bored as I am then this might be super helpful for you! I'm doing my best to do my bit by staying at home and avoiding contact with other people as much as possible. All I've done is watch Netflix and eat ramen and for the most part I'm living my best life at home.
1) Watch that Netflix show you've been dying to for months

2) Clean your bedside draw out

3) Plant something new in your Garden

4)  Sort your old clothes

5) Post old clothes on Ebay/Depop or donate them

6) Make cocktails at home

7) Group call your family on Facetime/ Skype 

8) Take a course online 

9) Finally makes those edits on your website

10) Re-watch Buffy

11) Get rid of your old beauty products

12) Clean behind your bed

13) Create a new playlist

14) Discover new books to read

15) Watch your favourite Youtube Channel

16) Catch up on your sleep

17)  Organise your books

18)  Meditate

19) Start a blog

20) Create new Pinterest boards

21) Have a pamper day

22) Start a scrapbook

23) Send voice notes to your friends

24) Watch Midsommar on Prime

25) Have a wine night

26) Visit a museum online

27) Follow new Instagram accounts 

28) Plan your next vacation

29) Go through your old photos

30) Treat yourself to something online

I'd love to know what things you will be doing at home if/when you isolate, let me know in the comments.


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