Thursday, February 06, 2020

Why I Can't Wait To Be A Home Owner

Hey lovelies, honestly I've been thinking about my long term goals lately especially financial goals, and mortgaging a place of my own is high on that list right. I want to own my own space. Nothing is more appealing than having your own space to do whatever you want, having somewhere that is completely your own. My credit score is pure trash right now, and I need to save for a few years but here are the reasons why I can't wait to own my own place.

Making It My Own

I've lived in rented accommodation for so long now, that having the option to paint walls, pick furniture and personalise everything literally feels like a dream. I've been feeling some major vibes for having a room with a mustard and navy walls, and I can't wait for that to be a reality. I honestly dream about a day where I can pick out art for my home, to go and buy my first sofa, to sit at home and watch a movie with a fireplace knowing that I earned everything myself.

 I want a house with a rustic but modern feel, and all the beautiful coffee tables, and a bedroom with all the gold accents. Just being able to pick my own furniture feels like a blessing, as all of my rented places have come furnished and why that is great it is just missing a personal touch.

As you can tell I've had a lot of time to think about how I would decorate my house.

No Shitty Flatmates

My living situations over the years have been fucking shit I'm just saying. I've had awful flatmate after awful flatmate, my current flatmates are two nasty gals who like to get all up in my grill over small things like leaving a plate on a side, but will genuinely have a party next to my bedroom until 4am and cook foods like exotic fishes and meats and not clean up or even open the windows (the smell ya'll is something else).

 I can't wait for it to just be me, and my personal space, and no flatmates who can't be bothered to pay for the wifi.

No Landlords 

 My experience with landlords hasn't been any better for the most part, I can be quite standoffish sometimes which doesn't make for the best situations. Also it my absolute pet peeve when a landlord will demand you to get in contact with them when they need something, and then when you need something from them won't reply for five million years or reply at all.

So far for house horror stories, I've dealt with a burst radiator, a flood in my bedroom, a flood in my lounge, a broken wall after a storm. I've literally not has a single house without problems my landlords haven't made worse.


If you've ever lived in rented accommodation then you will know that getting a pet can be a major hassle and some landlords are just strictly against it. I can't wait to own all the cats and come home to cats everyday from work. Basically this girl just really wants lots of cats haha.


Honestly one reason I'm so excited to have my own place, is so I can throw all the parties, house parties, dinner parties, pizza parties. You name it I'll be throwing a party for it and having all my mates around for cocktails, wine, champagne and food. It'll be amazing having somewhere where you're proud to have people round.


I have found with rented accommodation that there is a certain level of uncertainty, you never know how long you'll be staying (moving is expensive) and you never know when something will go wrong and how long it will take to fix. I feel like with your own place the security of knowing you'll be staying unless something really awful happy is there and that is something I really want.

I'd love to know the reasons why you can't wait to own a house, let me know in the comments.

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