Saturday, February 29, 2020

Pinterest Month One

Hey lovelies, I recently shared How I Tripled My Blog Views January 2020 and in that post I wrote about how I would be sharing my Pinterest journey. I've been using Pinterest for an entire month now, and why it took me a few weeks to get a hold of it. I finally think I'm starting to grasp what is happening and how to use Pinterest to the best of my ability. This post is going to be about my experience and what I've been doing, there's a lot of Pinterest advice out there bit this is what has worked best for me.

Pinterest Ads

Now, I also mentioned that I had given ADs on Pinterest a whirl. Did I think it was worth it? Well that's a difficult one,  I only spent £3 on my ads each time and I saw a massive variety of outcomes from views to clicks. Which I know could be down to the graphic, but I had one which did exceptionally well and ended with many clicks and one that online had 7 clicks afterwards but a lot of impressions. When I put my first AD on I ran it for £3 for 3 days and I was chuffed with the outcome, but as my views and clocks have grown organically I feel much different about it. I think they can be worth it, but I didn't understand them enough to use them.

I think I would wait off for a while to use the ads again, unless they had a promotional deal on or I thought that I would see a better outcome.

Pin Graphics

I'm not going to lie, learning how to make Pinterest Graphics for my blog posts at the beginning of the month was actually something I really didn't want to do at all. I wasn't really committed. I made a few but I really didn't like them and I wasn't entirely convinced. I very quickly found that images with text genuinely did much better that the plain images.

I spent a lot of time investing into Canva and getting better at it, and now I spent a few hours every Sunday making 60-100 pins for my Pinterest during the week. Having your website title on the image is a massive must, I've found that using a range of fonts and colours really helps your graphic stand out more. I'm continuously trying new things and it seems to be working amazingly for me.

Scheduling Pins

One of the things that I found really hard to grasp, was when should I be pinning? How often should I be pinning? I saw so many different suggestions, and since Pinterest doesn't really like you using the same pin multiple times, I was left wondering how am I going to pin 25-40 new pins everyday. I don't have the time to produce that many pins at all.

I decided to go with 12-25 pins depending on the day, and how much time I personally have to make pins per week. I found this worked really well for me. I use the scheduling tool on Pinterest rather than Tailwind as I just really didn't get on with it at all, I've found its worked well for me.

Group Boards

I've know for a long time that pinning to group boards is really good for engagement. Personally I found it really hard to find boards that I wanted to join, and I found that many were closed for contributors. I managed to find a few through twitter that were run by other bloggers and this was really helpful.

I found a few other boards that were amazing, but it was a long process to join, which included emailing people and waiting to be accepted which was a weird one if you ask me. I then made my own board which can be found here if you would like to join.

I found that the engagement from Group Boards was great for my pins and I would really recommend doing it.

So here's most of the stuff I've learnt from one month on Pinterest. I personally have really enjoyed it and have seen some amazing engagement, one day I received just over 1,000 clicks from Pinterest alone.


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