Monday, February 03, 2020

Improving Your Blog In One Month

Hey lovelies, I really didn't want to make a second analytics post to follow How I Tripled My Blog Views This January, not for any other reasons then I've found a few anomalies that I don't yet understand. So here is what I did to make improvements to my blog, and how I went around doing them.

 Gaining New Back Links

In January, I made it a must have goal to guest post on other blogs, and to do some advertising so that I could gain some backlinks to my blog. After not seeing any growth in my Domain Authority in a few months I had a really big feeling that the lack of backlinks was holding it back. I actually saw a 2 point increased in my DA last month after guest posting on two blogs. I know that for most growth won't happen that quickly every month, but I really do recommend it.

I'm still looking to advertise with a few other people in the next few months, to see what effect it will have.

Start Using Pinterest

I feel like I'm raving about Pinterest a little bit right now, but I'm honestly seeing amazing traffic from it in such a short amount of time and I'm absolutely chuffed about. At the end of my first week I had hit 11K monthly unique visitors and had almost 50 clicks to my blog.

I actually invested a little bit of time one evening, to make a handful of Pinterest graphics, all I did was use a Canva theme and try my best to follow some tutorials on what to include on a Pinterest graphic and it literally worked a treat. I had there post titles, good images, and made sure to have my website on all of them.

It actually makes me feel a bit ill thinking about where my blog would be if I had started using Pinterest on day one, so if you aren't using it, then I really suggest that you start. I'm currently dipping my toes into using Tailwind too.

Update Your Blog

I really let my blog admin slip big time in 2019, because I quite honestly didn't have the time and it really was a hobby that I was just getting back into seriously. I found that lots of things really needed doing, my contact page wasn't great. I really found that as soon as I fixed up my contact, and about me page and I actually found that a-lot more people contacted me through my blog directly.

I also heavily cleaned up my front page, and edited a lot of my old posts to improve my SEO and it has honestly worked a treat.

Scheduling Content

This was something that I managed so well in October - November but unfortunately thought Christmas I worked 60-90 hours a week meaning that I had no time to write and on my days off work all I did was sleep and stuff my face with pizza and other delicious takeaways. 

I want to make sure that I'm consistently posting at least twice every week, and three times a week when possible. I feel that consistently is really key in blog growth, especially with brands (or at least it has always been in my case) and I like writing so having a better schedule would keep me in better check I think.

In January 2020 I saw a 352% increase in my blog views and 1,127 new users and honestly I've never felt so humbled by anything ever. I can't wait to see if February continues to see improvements for me, but I do plan on sharing a stats posts very soon.


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