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Films To Enjoy This Valentines

Hey lovelies, since Valentine's Day is coming up I thought I'd share with you some romance films you need to watch and romcoms that you need to see. Personally I'll be snuggling myself this Valentines with a bottle of Rioja and big old Papa John's pizza whilst watching Me, Earl and The Dying Girl, alas I hope you enjoy the suggestions.

500 Days of Summer

Even years after the release this film is still a classic for me, and I love revisiting it when I can. The plot follows Tom reminiscing on the year that he spend with Summer, a girl who he wanted to spend his existence on. Summer isn't a believer in relationships. The dynamic makes for a really interesting film that dives into ideas of a modern romance or lack of. I could honestly watch this film everyday, I think it's so sad and beautiful.

Ten Things I Hate About You

When we are talking about classic romance movies this one can't be missed out, I have some really vivid memories of this film growing up I wanted to be like Kat. I loved her sass, and how she was so uniquely herself all the time. the plot follows high school boy, Cameron, cannot date Bianca until her anti-social older sister, Kat, has a boyfriend. So, Cameron pays a mysterious bad-boy, Patrick, to charm Kat. I absolutely love Heath Ledger in this film too.

Set It Up

Set it Up is a Netflix original, and the plot follows two underpaid and overworked assistants who try to set their bosses up so that they can have a break from being overworked. It's a bit like the parent trap but with adults! It's so funny, and a really enjoyable romcom to watch, with a really great cast.

Me Earl And The Dying Girl

Greg, a socially awkward teenager, spends most of his time with Earl. He is forced by his mother to befriend Rachel, who suffers from leukaemia, leading to an undying friendship between the three. I've mentioned this movie so many times on my blog, but as a romance film it actually breaks my heart. Not everyone wants to watch something happy on valentines so I thought I would share this one. The relationships between the characters is so heartwarming and really enjoyable to see fold out.

The Big Sick 

Kumail is a Pakistani comic, who meets an American graduate student named Emily at one of his stand-up shows. As their relationship blossoms, he soon becomes worried about what his traditional Muslim parents will think of her. When Emily suddenly comes down with an illness that leaves her in a coma, Kumail finds himself developing a bond with her deeply concerned mother and father. This wasn't really a film that I had high hopes for when I went to see it at the cinema, because I accompanied my nan and she had picked the film, and she well has an interesting taste in movies to say the least.  

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

Benjamin is challenged by his co-workers to make a woman fall in love with him. On the other hand, Andie has to write an article on how to lose a guy in 10 days. This movie is an absolute classic for me, I used to watch it with my dad on weekends. It's hilarious why being weirdly romantic. I love that it is not a stereo typical romance comedy. I'm not going to lie if you ask me, the fern is the best part of the movie, but I do love Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.

The Wedding Planner

"While celebrating her newest and most lucrative account -- the wedding of Internet tycoon Fran Donelly (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras) -- Mary (Jennifer Lopez) is rescued from a near-fatal collision with a runaway dumpster by handsome pediatrician Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey). After spending the most enchanting evening of their lives together, Mary thinks she's finally found a reason to believe in love. What she doesn't know is that cupid and her career are about to collide head-on."

I absolutely adored this movie growing up, its an absolute classic. The relationship that grows between Mary and Steve is very sweet. I also had such a massive things for 

Down With Love 

Catcher Block, a journalist, vows to seduce a writer, Barbara Novak, who preaches that women do not need men to make them happy. However, he starts falling for her while carrying out his ploy. I'll never quite be over the turn of events in this movie, because the ending to me has always been something else. I love the vintage 80s/90s feel to the movie, and all the scenes are very interesting. Also have to mention the amazing cast.

I'd love to know your favourite your movies to watch over the Valentines period, let me know in the comments.

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