Monday, February 17, 2020

5 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Hey lovelies, I genuinely can't believe that we are so far into February already I feel like time in 2020 has literally flown by for me! Today I thought I would share with you 5 insta accounts that I've been loving a lot lately. I'm not big into instagram, I actually wrote a post detailing which I don't use instagram for my blog.

Honestly I love Alice's Instagram so much, one thing that used to really make me loathe the app was how ingenuine everything looked, with Alice's feed I find everything is so genuine. I love that she posts about day to day life, the mundane everyday things she that she does and there's no fancy filters etc. I love watching her stories day to day as I find her stories interesting, and I love how involved Alice is with her local events. I really wish I lived in Southampton half the time so I could try all the delicious coffees and food she posts.

Roxie's Instagram is another one that I have recently become obsessed with. I love seeing her posts, I've made it my aim this year to get into cleaning, and the amount of products I have purchased as a result of Roxie's feed is ridiculous. I love her instagram stories showcasing how some cleaning products work, I particularly enjoyed her Zoflora posts as it literally inspired me to buy the entire collection. I've also been loving her cooking stories following the Pinch of Nom Recipe book as this has been so nice too see. Also can we talk about how stunning her photography is, I'm honestly living for it.

Kaye's Instagram is actually stunning. I've followed her for such a long time, and I love how far her photography has come. I love how she captures people, and you can really tell just through the images how well she interacts with the models because you can tell they're comfortable with the camera presence, and that is incredible. I love her self portrait series, and her recent trip to America saw some of the most brilliant content. I actually have post notifications on because I love her photography that much. I also had such massive envy for her Tokyo content as it was stunning.

Jess's Art Instagram account WitchCrafts, is one of my favourite art accounts that I follow, which says a lot as I follow 600 of them. I love her creativity and she has such a distinguished style of illustration that I just love to look at. I'm genuinely in love with her crafts and I still have prints of hers that are three-four years old and I adore them just as much as the day I bought them. I can't wait to invest in some more bits.

Sarah's Instagram is another one of my long time favourites, her image quality is just stunning. I'm a big fan of her flat-lays. More than anything though, I love her stories, they're so authentic and I really enjoyed watching her baking experience over the weekend with her boyfriend. I love that she shares the things that she is doing. I really like the way she captions her posts too, and that her content is a variety of travel, food and lifestyle!

I'd love to know which Instagram accounts you love the most, feel free to link them in the comments so that I can have a look. 


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