Friday, January 03, 2020

Small Goals For The Upcoming Year

Hey lovelies, I've already wrote a post about Making 2020 My Year because more than anything I want to thrive and be my best most authentic self. I really want to achieve all the bigger things I want and so I've set some smaller goals for the year to help reach these.

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In 2019 I read a lot in the first part of the year, because of my work schedule I have more time January-May which means I can read, make art, and write to my hearts content. I'm hoping to read around 75 books this year, last year I set my goal at 50 and read 113. Most of these where for university work though and less for fun, this year I hope to make it a 50/50 effort. I've really been enjoying poetry books lately.  I recently published What I Read In November if you're in need of a suggestion for a book.

Look After Myself Better

The last few months of 2019 taught me that I really don't look after myself as much as I should, I realise I have some really bad traits such as only eating one or two meals when I work a 16 hour day. I don't sleep as much as I should when I need to get things done or want to write as I have such a fear of letting people down or not performing to the level I want. I need to be kinder to myself, eat enough and to keep my goddamn room tidier. I hope that this is the thing I achieve most this year,

Stop Spending Recklessly

I've mentioned this a lot lately, but my main goal for the year is to sort myself out financially, because I want this to be the year I finally have savings and finally sort myself out and start acting like an adult. For me food, and online clothes shopping are the things that I'm the worst with because I literally can't say no and I forget the value of money when I spend online.

Care Less

Sorry, not sorry but I'm making sure that 2020 is the year that I stop letting people take advantage of me and learn to step away without caring about their feelings. I've got to stop letting other people have such a control over my life and how I feel. It might be a bit cold but your girl needs to grow on her own.

See My Family More

Since I live away from home, I only see my family a few times a year and honestly it can be really heartbreaking knowing that I won't see any of my family members for three to five months. I want to try and visit my home town more when I can, and to spend more time with my grandparents as I love and miss them so much. 

Take Time Away From The Online World

This is such a big one for me, last year I had a large blogging break and in my time away from social media I was so happy and felt nearly no stress from socials. I enjoyed it so much, the thing is I need to be on social medias for wiring and for my job so I have little to no choice on it but I will be setting boundaries of how much time I can spend online and try to take days out when I can.

Make More Art

I find the art writing combination a massive one to juggle, because in the same time it takes me to write a blog post I could be making a painting, or creating a new set of prints. Sometimes I do a lot more of one than the other and I always feel like there is such an in-balance, I know that this is something I might need to schedule so that I can do both, but I'm so desperate to be more creative in my free time and to paint as much as I can in the upcoming year.

I'd love to know the things you're hoping to achieve in the upcoming year!

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