Sunday, January 26, 2020

How To Support Your Favourite Bloggers

Hey lovelies, today I'm going over some small way to support some of your favourite bloggers or content creators. It can be really quick and easy to do some small things that could really help your favourites with their grow via their blog or socials. I think it's so important to the growth of others so I'm really excited to share this post with you all.

#1 Follow Their Socials

If you enjoy the content that a particular blogger creates it's so easy to help them by following all their social medias, or the ones where you feel you could support them. Blogging isn't always a numbers game, but it would silly to assume that brands don't consider numbers and engagement when they're looking at working with someone. 

Your support on someones social media could help them get to that next landmark. Personally I'm looking to grow my Pinterest Account which is something I went over in my How I Tripled My Blog Views This January.

#2 Comment On Their Content

Commenting on a bloggers content, can be so heartwarming. I personally love when I wake up and get to read through all my comments, I don't always have the time to reply to every single one, but I do my best to answer any questions and anything that I feel needs an instant reply. Seeing regular commenters and people returning to your blog can feel so rewarding.

In the sense of growth, having regular commenters is really great when brands check on your blog engagement, it increases the amount of returning visitors that a blogger will see on their Google Analytics.

#3 Support Their Sponsored Content 

When a blogger collaborates with a brand, supporting their content can literally score them further collaborations, not only is the engagement so heartwarming but it looks really good for the blogger, and after all we want to see those we admire do well! Sometimes I think that there is this idea that sponsored content means a blogger has sold out, which I personally don't think is true. Why some bloggers will accept money for almost everything, when someone writes a sponsored piece about something that they're passionate about it is so clear, and a comment or a sh

#4 Click Their Ads

Affiliate Marketing can make bloggers a substantial amount of money when done right but for most it just brings in a small extra income, when bloggers have adverts on their page, click them! Clicking on an ad or affiliate marketing link will literally cost you nothing and could earn the blogger a few extra pennies. I recently added Amazon Affiliate Marketing to my blog, and I was lucky enough to have already made 1/3 of the sales you need to make to secure your account. It makes such a difference!

If you're looking to monetise your blog I recently wrote a blog post that might help you, How I've Started To Monetise My Blog.

#5 Share Their Content

Establishing back links is known to improve a bloggers domain authority, if you're sharing another bloggers content on your blog or website then you are helping them with this. If you're looking at sharing their content on your socials, it can help expose their blog to new viewers, and potentially bring in more views to their blog. It's such a quick and easy thing to do to share a bloggers promotional tweet or to share a blog post on your facebook page or Pinterest etc. 

#6 Use Their Services

Nowadays bloggers often offer a lot of services on their blogs, many will have E-books or online shops that you can purchase from or share to your social medias. Some create blog headers, or graphics, and if you're going to need those things anyway why not purchase them from someone who could benefit from the extra income!

Advertising slots are something that a lot of bloggers offer and can be so helpful to you if you own a website/blog, so win win. 

#7 Let Them Know You Support Them

Honestly sometimes we all feel a little blog slump, and sometimes it's so inspiring to know that someone reads your blog regularly and enjoys it. Just knowing someone reads your blog and loved it is so heartwarming to me. So I'm gonna go ahead and drop this blog post where I named My Favourite Blogs In 2019.

I'd love to know how you support your favourite blogs, let me know in the comments, and if you have a favourite blogger or content creator let me know and I'll check them out.


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