Saturday, January 18, 2020

How I've Tripled My Blog Views January 2020

Hey friends, I genuinely can't believe that we are mid January already. December and November were physically really trying months for me due to how demanding my job is over Christmas, I'm so happy to be finally resting up and I'm currently on a two break in my home town of Essex. It's given me a ton of time to write to my hearts content and improve my blog a little bit, I've also managed to triple my blog views this month and I thought I'd share with you how I got there.

Edit Old Posts

Right, I'm a big fan in going back and editing my old posts, when I sat down to look at what posts of mine persistently do better these two posts my Mac Lipstick Review and Skinny Dip Haul/Review consistently bring in a lot of traffic to my blog. At first I was baffled by this because, they're a few years old, the photography is awful but I noticed how spot on the SEO was for those posts, the keywords were good, everything worked. 

So I used this to apply to some of my other posts, to test out if this was actually bringing me in more organic searches, and it worked a gem. Now I'm currently going back through my almost 400 posts to test this on all my posts. I've found that editing and deleting posts has helped me love my space o n the internet just a little bit more because honestly we all grow and evolve as people. I'm also trying to teach myself better SEO.


I've made it clear in my latest posts, that I plan on utilising the hell out off Pinterest this year. I started really recently by making a business account - Kayleighzara (I would super appreciate if anyone gave me a follow) to test the waters. Why I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck I am doing and how to use the website properly, I decided to run some Ads on some of my latest posts. This worked amazingly for bringing in some new viewers to my posts/website. I do plan on writing up a post about this when I've figured it out a bit better, but I'm currently running a £3 ad for the duration of 3 days. So far I think it's working wonders but I'm only eight hour or so in.

If anyone has any suggestions for resources that would help me with Pinterest please do leave a comment and let me know, all help is fully appreciated.


Twitter for me, has always been the largest drive of views for my blog because this is where I have the largest following, since I don't use Instagram for blogging, twitter is pretty much the only social that brings in views for me. In the last few weeks I've been a lot more active, taking to a lot more people and this has gained me a fair few new blog follows. Obviously I have quite a large following on twitter so I'm not sure this would for everyone.

I have also done my best to share content from others, get involved in comment threads and to join some blogger chats as I feel like these are all really great ways of getting involved with the blogging community and making new friends.

Scheduling Content Better 

When I'm heavily working I never really have the time to schedule content, so I've been trying my best to schedule it everyday, so that promo tweets are going out everyday. I've found that making better captions, and using a variety of better hashtags for sharing have made the tweets do so much better. I highly recommend using the #TheClqRT #TheBloggersHut #BloggersTribe as these have always worked the best for me.

A reminder that consistently is key when it comes to scheduling!

I do plan on sharing a post at the end of the month sharing my google analytics and breaking down all my views etc. Let me know if this is something that you'd like to read. Also let me know your favourite social media for blogging in the comments.


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