Thursday, January 16, 2020

Eight Must Watch Films

Hey lovelies, today I am going to share with you some films that I fell in love with in the last year and that I definitely think are worth a watch. I prefer much darker films for the most part, so I appreciate that this might not be for everyone.

Midsommar was by far one of my favourite films of 2019, as directed by Ari Aster who also created the master piece that is Hereditary. It is a folk horror film that follows a couple, and their friends in a visit to a Swedish mid-summer festival. Cinematically, the film is absolutely stunning and full of gorgeous, well-thought out shots, which adds so completely to the slow-burning emotional dread that this film dives into. It's not a conventional horror, and it isn't particualrly gorey but it holds it's own. What makes this film, is how psychological and deep it is, it follows real and very unnerving emotions and actions. I saw this at the cinema six times, I loved it that much.

Ready or Not is a horror comedy, it follows a newly wed couple who take part in a family tradition with their new in laws, which requires them to play a game. The game selected is Hide and Seek, and follows the new wife get hunted by the family in a Hot Fuzz esq style horror comedy with lots of killing, laughs and just weirdness. I highly recommend this if you need a giggle as it just exceptional.

I couldn't talk about horror films here and not mention Us, because it honestly scared the living shit out of me, my nan and I are both big in horror films, so when I went home we rented it on the Virgin library. It didn't disappoint. The film follows a family who become attacked by a group of Dopplegangers who are identical to them. The movie follows the idea that the Dopplegangers are tethered to their doubles, and the only way to untether themselves is to kill their counterpart. The films ends in one of the creepiest underground fights I've ever seen, and as a grown ass adult gave me nightmares for two nights straight. A 10/10 horror I would recommend if you don't want to sleep properly.

Knifes Out was one of my favourite comedies of 2019, after the death of Harlan Thrombey, a renowned crime novelist, detective Benoit Blanc shows up to investigate the mysterious death. The film follows interviews with the dysfunctional family and staff following their lies, and red herrings to discover how Thrombey died. Whilst being exceptionally interesting, the film does drag a little bit but it is easily the funniest film I've seen all year.

Joker was another film that I think should be mentioned here, I know it was exceptionally popular for the most part, but honestly I absolutely loved it because it went through a different side to the Joker than we've seen before on the screen. The premise was new and interesting, and the message the film portrays about mental health is just so necessary in the world that we live in. Joaquin Phoenix's performance was spectacular, and I cannot wait to own this film on DVD.

I'm not for the most part a big fan of Drama or Thriller films, but when my grandparents dragged me to see The Aeronauts my mind was changed a little bit. It follows the story of Scientist James Glaisher and Amelia Wren as they take a balloon expedition to fly higher than anyone in history, the film follows their time in the balloon through both physical and emotional discoveries, and the prospect of frostbite. It is a very interesting film, and my grandparents loved it too.

Toy Story 4 is also one of those films I had to watch in 2019, because it was such an iconic series for my childhood I didn't want to miss out on finding how the franchise ends. The film was positively heartwarming and it was great to see some of the characters get the beautiful and happy ending that they deserved. I really loved the creation of Forky so much, he was such an interesting character to add to the mix, I've never related to a Disney character so much anyway.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile was another film that I sat down to watch with my family, the film follows Ted Bundy through the eyes of his partner at the time Liz, I know this film had a lot of criticism when it came out because of its portrayal of Ted Bundy by Zac Efron. I thought it was an interesting watch, and the viewpoint is what made it for me as it's what Liz saw of him.

These are most definitely some of my favourite releases from 2019, I hadn't planned on these films all being releases from the last year but alas this is how the post went. I'd love to know what films disappointed you most in 2019 for me it was Doctor Sleep.


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