Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Blogs I've Loved In 2019

Hey lovelies, I've been reading a lot more blogs lately, and I wanted to share a few I really loved in the past decade particularly 2019, although some of these blog I've been reading for years. I've not shared my favourite blogs for a while, so it was definitely around time. Make sure to follow all of these babes and read all their content.

Alice Anne

Alice's blog is definitely one that I came to love more towards the latter part of 2019, I just love how authentic her blog is. She covers a wide range of topics, beauty, lifestyle, reading, parenting and I just love all of it. She's one of the few bloggers that I follow on almost every platform because I just love seeing her content. Her reading posts have inspired me to read so much more because I honestly love seeing her book updates, and her recent post My Favourite Books of 2019 inspired the purchase of four new reads.

Lucy Mary 

Lucy's is another blog that I love because it's just so authentic, and I really love here style of writing. I think I came across Lucy's blog mid 2019 and I've literally been hocked ever since. I really enjoy her travel posts, and her lifestyle content particularly because she covers a lot about her illness, and about travelling to a variety of places in the UK. I really enjoyed one of her latest posts about her visit to The Ivy, Cardiff as this is somewhere that I've been dying to visit for a very long while. 

The Dee Who Lived

Daisy's blog is one that I've been reading for an incredible amount of time, I have so much respect for her writings on mental health, she shares some really helpful tips on anxiety and mental health. She also blogs a lot about her passion for Harry Potter, and I'm not going to lie I love that. One of her posts last year My Thoughts I Had During My Mums Cancer Journey literally had me in tears because it almost perfect summed up how I felt when I lost one of my parents.

Jenny In Neverland

I've mentioned Jenny's blog a ton of times on my own, but honestly I find her so inspiring, she works so hard and the effort she puts into her blog and socials shows. I really love reading her latest posts, and in the past few months her blogging post have really inspired me to work harder and to get better, and to get into the Pinterest game. For all your go to blogging help you need to check out her blog, her How I'm Growing My Business In 2020 I found particularly inspiring. I can't wait to read her book when it's released later in the year too.

Popcorn And Glitter 

I think I've genuinely mentioned Sophie's blog about 50 times on here before but even through all the years I've been blogging I still adore it. I love reading about her experiences with premier films, and her honest reviews it gets me so excited to watch new film releases.I absolutely adore this post by Sophie Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Immersive Screening.

See The Stars

I've been reading Lauren's blog for years, like many years, and I love reading it because over the years I've seen so much of her growth. I used to be head over heels for her photography (I still am) but now I live for her content, her A Reflection On 2019 was such an enjoyable read for me because I was so happy to see that Lauren had got a new job and enjoyed some travelling. 

Vix Meldrew

I've read Vix's blog for years too, I've always found her content so passionate, it was towards the end of 2019 when she launched Grow & Glow and I joined up that I started to read her blog more. The community for bloggers that she has made is so lovely, and I really enjoy being a part of it. I also adore her content, I found her wedding content amazing. Her post So Are You Going To Lose Weight Before The Wedding sat with me for such a long time as it was just so brutally honest.

Black Tulip Beauty 

Alice's blog is another long term read for me, I've been reading her blog for years. Throughout her struggles with chronic illness and through her personal growth. I'm a massive fan of her alternative style in fashion, and her fashion posts are some of my favourite in the blogosphere. I recently really loved her post The 5 Best Brands For Funky Clothes. I just love her style and I think her blog is absolutely stunning. 

I'd love to know the blogs that you love or read often! Let me know in the comments.



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