Thursday, December 26, 2019

AD| De-stressing From The Festive Season

Hey lovelies, it can finally be said for the most part, Christmas is over! As someone who loathes the festive season with a passion I can say with every inch of my body that I'm so happy it is over, as I work in hospitality the festive season is extremely stressful, I also live away from home which means sorting gifts etc is really difficult and I struggle to stay on track with juggling 60 hour weeks, a social life and celebrating the festivities. So today I thought I would share with you some tips for de-stressing.


One of the most important elements of de-stressing is to find the time to unwind. To take a few hours for yourself away from all the stress off wrapping presents, cooking and everything else that comes with Christmas, such as with Aromatherapy body oils*, they have a large range of essential body oils that are immensely therapeutic  using ethically viable and raw ingredients. Aromatherapy oils are great for distressing, whether you inhale them or apply them through the skin, they are great for removing tension from the muscles or through your limbic system within your brain.

Self Care

Another great way to remove stress is to have a self care day - if aromatherapy is not your cup of tea, why not settle down with as cup of tea, a nice warm bath, maybe with a lush bath-bomb (such as this Lucky Cat Bath bomb which is a solid favourite of mine) or some form of ridiculously bubbly bath foam and just relax. I also find that pulling a chair near my bath, and placing my laptop on it so I can watch Netflix also works a gem. I'm particularly excited to have the time to do this because Netflix just released YOU season two, and I've been waiting half a year for it.


Christmas can cause an absolutely havoc on your sleeping pattern, and I don't know about half my readers but if I don't have enough sleep it genuinely makes me feel ten thousand times more stressed than I was originally because I don't have the brain capacity to deal with it. As I've mentioned above and many times on my blog the further into the festive season we get the more I have to work because hospitality. So as soon as the big day is over I do absolutely everything I can to get back on track with my sleeping, and getting back to healthy routine. 

Avoid Excessive Drinking

Honestly I am the first person who is guilty of drinking their body weight in mulled wine, vodka and red wine throughout December, but as I've got older I've recognised the effect that it has on my body and on my mental state when I drink excessively throughout the month. After New Years I try my best not to drink at all through January - for no other reason than my liver needs a well deserved break, and waking up hungover every other morning smelling of mulled wine really does not help my stress level when I have to be ay work at 9-11am. I actually spoke a bit more about this in my Making 2020 My Year Post.


I feel like this is a bit of cliche one but honestly exercise after excessive drinking and over-eating during the festive season cans do your mental and physical health the world of good. I personally try to go to the gym and have a little run here and there, I'm not a hardcore exercise person believe me, getting out of bed to run is the last thing that I want to do, but I find that it relaxes my mental health so much. I also find that you can't be stressed about Christmas things if you aren't around them, the gym for me provides a different space where I don't need to be around all things festive.

I'd love to know how you destress after the festive season, let me know in the comments. I'd also love to know your favourite thing that happened to you this December!

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