Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ways To Get In The Festive Mood

Hey lovelies, Christmas content is really in full swing now. I know it's only the 14th of November but I'm going to roll with it. I thought I'd share with you today how'll be getting into the festive mood, if you're in need of more festive content I did recently write 4 Creators To Support This Christmas and Understand And Copying With Grief At Christmas.

Get The Decorations Out

Alright it is only mid November, but if you walk into any town centre you will find that Christmas is already everywhere with coffees, shopping and decorations. I personally like to get my tree out a little bit before Christmas because of my work schedule, and get the decorations up as soon as possible, because I work 60-70 weeks from the end of November until the beginning of January.

I find that putting the tree up, decorating every inch of the house why singing to awful Christmas tunes, and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate and/or mulled wine makes me feel festive as hell.

Christmas Films

Is it really Christmas until you've watched at-least fifteen absolutely trashy god awful Christmas movies, series or shows? I know Netflix has gone a bit wild with these sort of movies this year, and there is even a few Christmas rom-coms being released in cinema.

My personal favourites to get into the spirit, come from a family tradition, which is sitting down after the decorating with lots of wine and snacks and watching The Holiday and The Grinch, and all the tacky films we can find. I have a strong fondness for The Nightmare Before Christmas, Gremlins and The Christmas Carol.

All The Festive Food

One of the best things about Christmas is the food. There are so many brilliant snack options, and the opportunities to drink copious amounts of chocolate, wine, whiskey does not go a miss. Following the above point, if you're snuggling in on a cold evening watching Harry Potter with some hot cocoa, of course you're going to want some mint match makers or a massive box of Celebrations to tuck into. 

I love that as someone who works in hospitality, I could literally have the excuse to eat a roast dinner every single day from the 20th of November through to the first day of January if I wanted.

Make Some Christmas Crafts

It is so easy nowadays, and so accessible to make your own Christmas crafts. You can literally pop onto Youtube or google posts on how to make almost everything, and sometimes it is nice to have your own homemade bits to gift to others or to decorate your home with. I actually wrote an entire post about Festive Crafts Ideas you can check out if you need any ideas.

This year I'm actually supporting one of my local businesses and going to a Wreath making evening, and I'm honestly so excited for it. Not only will I be making it myself, but the money for the class goes toward supporting an independent business this Christmas - which in my opinion is so important. I fear that the wreath will probably be stolen as soon as I put it on my door because I live in the dodgiest of areas, but I'm still hopeful it will look beautiful and last throughout the season.

Go To A Christmas Market

I'm not lucky enough to have a large Christmas Market in my home town of Northampton, but I'm only a few stops away from the ones situated in Birmingham, or could travel further afield to London or Nottingham. 

I always find the atmosphere of a Christmas market to be amazing, the food and the wine, and all the great stalls that allow you to purchase Christmas bits or gifts for others. I personally just like the excuse to drink my weight in mulled wine, but I know for other people this isn't the only reason to attend.

Wrap Your Gifts Early

This is something I suggest doing, so you don't feel stressed in December but as someone who pretty lives month to month I know how difficult it can be to buy your gifts in one lump if you don't have the funds. It's a bit late in the game to suggest buying gifts throughout the other months in the year but if you've dome it then get wrapping.

Put on some Christmas tunes and get wrapping, the quicker you starter, the quicker it's over with. I know some people find this a great festive activity, but I'm easy bored so I whack the Grinch on and get cracking.

I'd love to know how you get in the festive mood, and what you're most excited for for this Christmas!

If you'd like to read some of my latest content check out my 4 Creators To Support This Christmas and Understand And Copying With Grief At Christmas.


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