Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Protecting Your Home from Cracks and Leaks

AD| If you have noticed any cracks or leaks around your property, it is vitally important not to leave these untreated. Even minor damage can lead to damp, mould and even severe structural issues. Therefore, it is a good idea to regularly inspect your property and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Here is some great advice from Screwfast on how to effectively protect your home from cracks and leaks…
  • Inspect your property for damage on a regular basis and particularly before the harsh winter weather sets in.
  • When inspecting your property it is a good idea to start at the roof and work your way down to the land around your property. You can call in the help of a professional to conduct a property inspection if required.
  • Your roof tiles will need to be inspected for damage. Roof tiles are designed to keep rain out and protect your home from the elements, so it is crucial to properly maintain them. Damaged tiles should be secured or replaced as soon as possible to avoid internal issues.
  • Regularly check your gutters for a build-up of leaves and debris, as this can cause blockages and lead to rain water spilling over onto the walls of your home. If you notice water pouring from your guttering after it has rained, then this is likely to be the cause.
  • Inspect the walls of your property for cracks or water damage, as well as the seals around your windows. Look out for any gaps that may have been left around pipes or in between bricks and fill in any cracks. You should also apply a weatherproof sealant around all windows to prevent moisture from seeping inside.
  • Finally, it is important to inspect the boundaries of your property to ensure that any water on the ground flows away from your home, instead of pooling nearby. Puddles can lead issues with the foundations of your home and cause serious structural damage. If you do notice water pooling on the ground, try to remove the water and use dirt or gravel to fill the area.

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