Thursday, November 21, 2019

Life Lately #1

Hey lovelies, what a month November has been. I've decided to add back the life lately segments to my blog, because for the most part I feel like their is very little about me on my blog, which for a very long time is how I wanted it to be but now maybe not so much. I can't explain how awful this month has been although it's actually had it's perks.

I had Tonsillitis

As far as health has been this month, I've been so unwell. It started two weeks ago on the Thursday, I woke up feeling like I'd knocked back unimaginable amounts of Jagerbombs and Sambuca, my throat felt like it was on fire. I could barely swallow, and I worked myself up so much that I spent the entire day throwing up and sleeping. It fell at such a bad point, that on the Friday my family had made the effort to travel from Essex to see me for the weekend, and I spent the entire weekend enjoying time out with them, and violently being sick every few hours wherever we ended up visiting. 

I'm nearby fully recovered, but I lost so many days of writing and working because of it, that I just felt washed out and so bored.I barely manage four hours sleep a day so getting 18+ was a new experience for me.

Suspended on Twitter

This honestly felt like a massive joke when I woke up Monday morning to find out my account has been suspended, and the violation reason was literally nonexistent. With zero help from the twitter help desk, I took it upon myself to just make a new account. It feels like a major loss losing out on 4 years worth of work and 12K followers, but I feel like the fresh start allows me to rebuild a fresh and active following, and to fall back in love with the blogging community and make some new mates.

I can say with all certainty that on Monday I did have a little cry about it but I used the time to make some edits to my blog, and move on. There's zero point in holding a grudge about something I can't fix.


November saw an amazing peek in collaborations for me, I know it's the time of year but this month alone I've made triple my average income. I've almost completely paid of my debts, and I'll be starting December debt free because of blogging. It feels a bit shit knowing I've lost my twitter stability but all my collaborations have done well regardless.

I've got my gift guides upcoming but I've held off posting them incase I heard back from twitter support, either way they will be going live Monday morning. I also have two more upcoming sponsored posts which I'm really excited for but they won't be going live until the first week of December.

Revamping my studio

This is mentioned a few times on my blog briefly, but I actually rent an art studio for my painting and print work. I volunteer/work for the local university and it is closing to move for the next two months, meaning I've gained 8 free days in my calendar to do up my studio space.

I recently made a large IKEA order, with a brand new desk, and a large wall set of shelfing so I can make it into the ultimate working space. I've ordered some hanging plants, a new paint trolley, and I can't wait to put it all together, especially since the IKEA shipping costs me a whopping £42 and is coming in two sections. One which is solely a wooden crate and some crockery, and the furniture separately.

In the new year I'll be adding can art section to my blog but I haven't logistically worked out how this will work, or what I'll post but I can't wait to share all the art bollocks.

Apart from these points I have very little to whinge about, I've rewatched The Tudors and I've read many books (post coming soon). I'd love to know what you've been up to lately, let me know in the comments.

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*Photo Credit Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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