Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Effective Ways To Make Heels Comfortable For Prom

Believe it or not, heels are not the most comfortable invention known to women. Even though they look amazing on, many women breathe a sigh of relief when the time of night comes where they get to dash them to the side and get into something a little comfier.

Because this is such a widely known factmany women have tried to improve their comfort levels whilst still pulling off heels in a stunning way. From tapes to blister stickers, ladies can now be fully prepared for a more comfortable night of dancing whilst still slaying. 

If you are still on the hunt for a prom dress to go with those killer heels you have your eye on, then check out the short and long style white prom dresses. Once you have your heels and outfit on lock, you can then move onto the next phase of how to make them more comfortable with the following tips.  

Tips For Making Heels More Comfortable At Prom

With your prom dress, you want to feel as comfortable as possible without ruining the look, we totally get it. This is why we have curated the best tips around that will show you how to practically make your heels more comfortable so you can wear them for longer and enjoy wearing them! 

  • Use Sandpaper For Anti-Slipping - There’s nothing worse than slipping around in your brand-new heels because they haven’t been worn in to build up some traction. To make heels more comfortable to walk in, why not grab some sandpaper from your DIY cupboard and rub them down at the bottom of the heels to add some roughness. This will create friction between the heels and the ground to make them more stable and easier to walk in. 
  • Stretch Out Your Heels - Heels get comfier with time but maybe you don’t have time before wearing them. If this is the case you may want to grab some ice from the freezer which will help stretch them out a little. Use a ziplock bag to put the ice in and place the ice-filled bags in your shoes then place them in the freezer. Remover after 5-8 hours and they should feel more comfortable to wear. 
  • Remember the blister plasters! Even if you haven’t gotten blisters in your new heels yet, you don’t want to risk it as doing so can make it uncomfortable to walk in for days. Instead, wear them on the night you wear your shoes and this will make them more comfortable whilst you break them. 

From using hairdryers to adding some ice, there are so many ways you can make your heels more comfortable. This can be a lifesaver if you still want to slay on a night out without the dreaded pain of wearing new heels. 

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