Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Can I Get the Stained Glass Look in My Home?

AD| Stained glass windows are not only for churches and historical buildings; they can also provide an exceptionally beautiful and stylish enhancement for any property. 

If you admire the magnificence of stained glass windows and want to know how their colourful designs can help to transform your home; then read on for some inspiration…

If you are looking for a stained glass statement piece for your home, one of the best places to start is your front door. Not only will this add character to your home, but it will also help it to stand out from the other houses in your street. A beautiful stained glass display at the entrance to your home will create a warm and inviting welcome for guests. You can either create a bespoke stained glass window for your front door or use a reclaimed window. With a bespoke design, you will have the flexibility to create any style or pattern you desire. You could even incorporate your door number or a family pet into the design.
If you live in a period home, with original lattice style windows, this is an ideal way to add a stained glass look to your home. Simply replace some of the clear panes of glass with coloured pieces. This will create a beautiful effect when the light shines through, adding a burst of colour to your living space.
Bathrooms are another popular area to add stained glass windows. This is because they let in the daylight, whilst maintaining privacy. If you don’t wish to change your existing windows, what about commissioning a stained glass partition or a shower door? You could incorporate the colours of your bathroom tiles into the design, to really tie the whole room together.

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