Monday, November 11, 2019

AD Gifted| FooDoo Snack Box Review

Hey lovelies, recently I was gifted a lovely box of healthy work place snacks by the lovely FooDoo Snacks. I'm all for finding healthy alternatives to snacking, especially as someone who works an irregular work pattern I was interested to see what was inside the box and if I'd enjoy the snacks!

The Brand

Foodoo Snacks are a new on the block, snack subscription box offering a variety of boxes to help with workplace motivation and wellness. I received a mini box from them which retails at £15, and includes 12 snacks with at-least six different varieties of snack.

There are many other box sizes including the small, standard and large box, retailing between £35 - £90. Making it perfect for every workplace, as it can cater to a range of sizes, and allergens.

The Delivery

The box arrived really quickly for me, I had got delivered to my studio which has it's own little postage room. For the most part the box was in great shape, except where it had been man handled by my studio friends.  I always think it's necessary to mention delivery when it comes down to ordering something that is online, but it was great and no problems.

The box

The box came beautifully wrapped and actually smelt really lovely ( I know that's such a weirds thing to pick up on but I did haha).

The products in the box included

Proper Corn Peanut Butter & Almond Popcorn - This is one of my favourite popcorns in the entire word so I was over joyed to see one of these in the box. I love the peanut butter popcorn taste, it's not too morish

Eat Real Quinoa Paprika Flavoured Chips - I found these to be an actual gem, I'm a massive fan of paprika flavoured anything because it's just so delicious, and they taste so good. Another perk, they're also vegan.

Nibnibs Rosemary Mini Breadsticks - Honestly I loved these too, I'm not really a massive fan of breadsticks I find them really dry, but these were great and would have been amazing with a little bit of dip.

Mavericks Top Banana Lace Ups - These were such a lovely sweet treat, I was shocked when I found out they were vegan and gluten free because they have such a sweet taste.

Whitworths Shots Nuts With A Pinch Of Salted Caramel - Potentially one of the only other products I have tried before the box. The mix of healthy nuts is honestly so delicious and includes both cashews and hazelnuts making it a perfect sweet treat.

Munchy Seeds Honey Seeds - These weren't a snack that I loved in the box but I can appreciate the flavour that they had, honey isn't my favourite flavour.

Snacking Essentials Mango & Coconut - I loved this mix of coconut and dried mango, it was so sweet and delicious. A perfect post breakfast pre-lunch snack to keep you going why at work.

Mello Watermelon Seeds - Another vegan favourite from the box, and my first time ever eating watermelon seeds, they were so delicious and refreshing and I can't wait to purchase some more of these bad boys.

Pulsin Fruity Oat Bar - I loved this one, it kind of reminded me of a flapjack, kinda reminded me of a graze bar, but still had such a great flavour. Which not all fruit bars do? Also vegan.

Nine Original Seed Bar - The coating was delicious and so tasty, it had such a delicious and unique taste and would make such a perfect work snack.

For the most part I absolutely loved the box, it had such a great variety of snacks in it that I really enjoyed. I loved how many of the snacks were vegan, I also like how most if not all of the snacks labelled the main allergens like gluten on the front and not the back.

Does this sound like a snack box you'd enjoy, let me know in the comments your favourite work place snack!

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