Monday, November 18, 2019

5 Tips for Writing the Best Personal Statement

AD| When the time comes to start applying to universities, you will need to write a tip-top personal statement. In fact, it’s a vital aspect of the application process in the UK and is an opportunity to show off what makes you special. A prep school and sixth form in Somerset have put together the following list of helpful tips to get you started.

1.    Focus on Your Strengths

With only 4,000 characters, there’s not much space for general chit chat. Instead you really need to use those characters to sell yourself and show off your skills. Write about your experiences, knowledge and plans for the future. 

2.    Consider the Opening Line

It’s important that the first sentence of your personal statement is good enough to encourage the reader to continue. It could be something funny or surprising, but whatever you go with, make sure it sounds natural.

3.    Tell the Truth

While there’s nothing wrong with some minor exaggerations, you shouldn’t lie in your personal statement because you will get caught out. There is no need to create a false image of yourself; if you are good, you’re good the way you are.

4.    Use a Thesaurus

Try and find professional and elegant synonyms for certain words in your personal statement to prove you are intelligent and educated. However, try and be wary because too many fancy words can come across quite pretentious and make your statement difficult to read.

5.    Proofread

As with any important piece of writing that you’re submitting, you should always proofread it several times to make sure it’s perfect. It’s also worth asking someone else to proofread it for you as well, as they might spot mistakes you had become blind too.

In summary, always be yourself and tell the truth when writing your personal statement, while being sure to focus on what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd. Always use your own voice and let your personality shine through and don’t forget to check and re-check your work before you send it off. Most importantly, good luck!

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