Thursday, November 28, 2019

Gift Guide For Her Part 1

Hey lovelies, it's about time we get down to some Christmas shopping, since I've covered a range of other Christmas posts, such as Ways To Get In The Festive Mood and 4 Creators To Support This Christmas it's gift guide time! Some of the items in this post have been gifted, and will be clearly labelled.


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

60 Blogmas Post Ideas 2019

Hey lovelies, a short but sweet post today with Blogmas upcoming I thought I would share some Blogmas post ideas to keep you all inspired. I won't be taking part because working a full time hospitality job in December means I barely have time to breath, but for those going ahead with it I hope this helps


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What I'm Reading November 2019

Hey lovelies, what an exceptional month it has rounded up to be, I've not had much free time to myself but I am trying to read more when the time is available. I've not read much for fun but I wanted to share these on the blog. I've had this post ready to go for almost three weeks so thought it was about time to hit publish.

Effective Ways To Make Heels Comfortable For Prom

Believe it or not, heels are not the most comfortable invention known to women. Even though they look amazing on, many women breathe a sigh of relief when the time of night comes where they get to dash them to the side and get into something a little comfier.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Life Lately #1

Hey lovelies, what a month November has been. I've decided to add back the life lately segments to my blog, because for the most part I feel like their is very little about me on my blog, which for a very long time is how I wanted it to be but now maybe not so much. I can't explain how awful this month has been although it's actually had it's perks.


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Protecting Your Home from Cracks and Leaks

AD| If you have noticed any cracks or leaks around your property, it is vitally important not to leave these untreated. Even minor damage can lead to damp, mould and even severe structural issues. Therefore, it is a good idea to regularly inspect your property and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Can I Get the Stained Glass Look in My Home?

AD| Stained glass windows are not only for churches and historical buildings; they can also provide an exceptionally beautiful and stylish enhancement for any property. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Top Tips for Students Preparing for University

AD| Applying for university is a long and gruelling process, but so worth it in the end. You just have to make sure you’re sufficiently prepared and eventually it will all fall into place. Your sixth form or college should have plenty of advice for you but here are some additional tips to help you prepare.


Monday, November 18, 2019

Beef Casserole With Schwartz*

AD | Hey lovelies, today I'm going to be sharing with you a recipe, and food that I actually made. Hoorah. As the weather gets colder, we all love a lovely winter warmer esq recipe, and if you ask me beef casserole is a perfect dish for this. I have such fond memories of this meal as child, sitting around the dinner table with my family members why it's cold and probably raining outside, enjoying ever bite, so I'm really happy I finally got a chance to make it myself. I hope you all enjoy reading it.

5 Tips for Writing the Best Personal Statement

AD| When the time comes to start applying to universities, you will need to write a tip-top personal statement. In fact, it’s a vital aspect of the application process in the UK and is an opportunity to show off what makes you special. A prep school and sixth form in Somerset have put together the following list of helpful tips to get you started.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ways To Get In The Festive Mood

Hey lovelies, Christmas content is really in full swing now. I know it's only the 14th of November but I'm going to roll with it. I thought I'd share with you today how'll be getting into the festive mood, if you're in need of more festive content I did recently write 4 Creators To Support This Christmas and Understand And Copying With Grief At Christmas.


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

4 Creators To Support This Christmas

Sorry guys, but Christmas posts are fully in swing now. Today I wanted to write something which is also important to me, supporting independent artists and stores this Christmas, as someone who sells prints and paintings the Christmas period is a vital set of extra sales which helps me out so much, and I'd like to help some other peeps out by sharing their great work.


Monday, November 11, 2019

Understanding And Coping With Grief At Christmas

Hey lovelies, today I wanted to talk about something special, something different. I don't regularly talk about grief on this space on the internet, mainly because it's raw and it's new, and until this year wasn't really anything I cared to share with my readers.

I think it has to be said, loss is an awful thing, and Christmas embodies everything that makes grief harder to cope with, in my experience. The loss of a loved one, doesn't go away even with festivities and for some is more hard hitting around the holidays.

AD Gifted| FooDoo Snack Box Review

Hey lovelies, recently I was gifted a lovely box of healthy work place snacks by the lovely FooDoo Snacks. I'm all for finding healthy alternatives to snacking, especially as someone who works an irregular work pattern I was interested to see what was inside the box and if I'd enjoy the snacks!


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Eight Ways To Save Money On Holiday

Image - free for commercial use

dream holiday can be a bit of a strain on your finances, not only from booking the trip itself but for the money you’ll need to spend while you’re actually away. You’ll money for food, days out and some spending money, which for you and the family can soon add up. If you’ve taken out a holiday loan from somewhere like Evolution Money to pay for the trip, you’ll want to manage your holiday spending money a budget, so you don’t need to borrow more. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Resources You Need As A Blogger

Hey lovelies, I've been thinking about blogging lately and all the resources that I've been using and that improve my blogging experience, I thought I'd share with you the resources that have been a necessity to me and helped me with my blog so much. Even after four years I'm still improving my blog game but these are things that still remain helpful and useful to my growth.

The Triple Threat Of Learning How To Learn

Perhaps you are studying at university, or you are trying to better yourself so you can have a better quality of life, but whatever approach you are undergoing, it is important that you learn crucial skills, not just in terms of studying, but also in terms of learning. When you learn subjects, the biggest obstacle between you and retaining information is, unsurprisingly, yourself. Perhaps this means you need to learn how to learn? Let's give you some tools.

How Can You Pay For Your Gap Year Travel Plans?

All the best things in life are not free. Traveling is an eye-opening experience that you will never forget. It can change your whole perspective on life and alter your goals in life itself. Unfortunately, it's not cheap. Even though more people are globetrotting than ever before, the costs have relatively stayed the same. And if you’re a student looking to take a gap year and explore the world, it's going to be even more difficult. But, it's not impossible; far from it in fact. You do have numerous ways to fund your own travels and continue to have a trickle of cash coming in so you can pay for things like a place to stay, food, equipment, and transport. You’ll need to be outgoing and ready to take on any challenge. In the end, it's so worthwhile and you won’t regret it!

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Realistic Plans For 2020

Hey lovelies, I can't believe the year has flown but so quickly and that 2020 is on our doorstep. I'm in a position where I will have to work so much more for the festive season and because of this I probably won't be able to blog as much as I'd like. I've had time to reflect on 2019 and I've decided that in 2020 I just want to do things that make me happy.