Tuesday, October 22, 2019

When To Say No To Collaborations

Hey lovelies, honestly this week I've been seeing a lot of tweets from bloggers about the absolutely ridiculous things that brands have been asking from them, from being sent an empty bottle of products to use for a post with no payment and offering someone in the UK $10 for a blog post so today for those of you that need it, I'm sharing when to say no to collaborations.

If You're Not Getting Paid What You'd Like

Look whatever you charge for your posts is up to you, I know theres a massive taboo about chatting about charging rates. For me personally my rates depend on how much I want to work with the brand, how many hours the work will take. What genre of writing it is, how much I get out of the writing. I also will add more on for brands that want extra tweets or posts on Instagram etc.

If a brand is asking me to post a lot for very little I won't go for it. There was a time when I needed the money more and would charge less if it meant actually getting paid, but nowadays I don't really work on that basis. Any money made from blogging is a healthy extra that pays my credit card or goes into my savings towards a holiday or treating my grandparents. So I understand why people charge less than they maybe should, but it's not something I really do anymore.

Also, I think it's important to add in here, most brands will tell you their budget and if you explain to them your rates, in some or in my experience most cases there is some bargaining room. If a brand wants to work with you, normally they can come to some agreement. It's definitely something to have a chat about, if you think they are underpaying you or won't work for the rate that they have suggested. It might not work every time but you can have that conversation. 

If You Don't Want To Work With The Brand

Honestly sometimes, you'll get an email from a brand that you wouldn't necessarily collaborate with and sometimes it would be tempting, but just because someone wants to work with you doesn't mean that you have too. Some brands just aren't a good fit for your brand. 

In my case I often get emails from feminine product companies, and as someone who doesn't have any periods I find it really hard to find a line where I could work with the brand. If I worked with them it wouldn't suit the rest of the writing on my blog, or my current branding. I can't write about something that doesn't affect me personally. So I steer clear of brands that I wouldn't use if they didn't get in touch. Obviously making this distinction is something personal for everyone and their writing output!

When The Requests Are Ridiculous 

We've all had those emails where brands want ten Instagram posts, three tweets, two blog posts, the rights to every photo you take, and the rights to your first born child. Alright that last bit might be an exaggeration, but for the most part some requests like this really do happen. I've previously had people ask me to work my ass off for less than £10 and I just decline instantly now, because I'm not about that life.

My personal stance on  requests is that it should be fair, and or equal to the money that I'm receiving if you're asking for copious photos, posts and social media posts is just something I've stopped doing, so I don't undersell myself. 

You Have Too Much On Your Plate

There is absolutely nothing with wrong with accepting that actually, as much as you'd like to that you couldn't fit the collaborate on your plate. If you can't deliver something to the level of quality that you'd like to then it's much easier to say you can't and let the PR/brand know that you'd be interested in the future but you can't right now! It's much better to say you can't, even if you're questioning your ability to shot photos etc. I've recently started doing this more often because of my current job role, working more nights means that I'm genuinely more tired in the days and don't physically have the energy to be writing all day everyday. Even though that would be the dream.

I'd love to know the most ridiculous request you've ever had from a brand/pr in the comments, it would make my day!

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