Monday, October 14, 2019

Preparing For A Budget Friendly Christmas

Hey lovelies, Christmas unfortunately is right round the corner, and financially I want to be better with planning for it this year. I always leave things to the last minute and really this is a bad habit, so here is how I plan on prepping for a budget friendly Christmas.

Make A Realistic Budget

Know how much money you can actually spend; it is very easy to want to buy someone the world when you can realistically only afford a mildly nice candle. I've been there, believe me,  but if you can't afford it don't buy it. There are many places top buy gifts, and almost all shops cater to all kind of budgets. It helps a lot to know what you're spending on and on whom, then you have less chance of over spending.

 Start Buying Gifts Early

I know this is looked down upon by some people, but I personally like to start buying my gifts in September- October whenever my budget allows for it. I live on my own, I pay all my bills on my own, I barely have enough spending money to look after myself after all those expenses so I buy 1-3 gifts every month where I can. It means that in December I only have to pay for any last minute bits, and money for Christmas food/ snacks etc!

Shop Around

I've mentioned this before but sometimes it really is better to look around, and to find the best bargain wherever you can. I also prefer to shop online for Christmas gifts because it doesn't leave any room for over-spending if you know exactly what you're buying, buy it, and then move on. Shopping online allows you to use discounts, such as student discount or any codes you may have from joining mail lists etc.

Make Budget Cuts Where Possible

Where possible, I try to not buy coffees and unnecessarily bits and bobs that I don't need. It gives me fall back money incase I forget anything, or want to buy extra wine or snacks for the festivities. It's really easy to forget on a day to say basis that buying coffees out, excessively paying for food out or takeaways can be a heavy hit on your hit bank account.

DIY/ Make Gifts

Money can be saved on all cost everything, especially when it comes to gifts you can make some really beautiful thoughtful gifts without having to spend a lot of money. Even customising something small can end up being the best gift for someone else. Also when make decorations for the house, you can also DIY bits, Pinterest and Youtube make these sorts of things so accessible. 

These are some tips I've used in previous years that have always really worked for me, what tips do you use to save money for the festive season?

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