Friday, October 18, 2019

Last Minute Halloween Outfit Ideas 2019

Hey lovelies, with halloween just around the corner I thought I'd make a last minute halloween outfit ideas! These are mostly horror film outfits but I hope you like them anyway. Most are very easy to do and/or are very inexpensive.


If you haven't seen the original of the movie, or the remake or read the book then you won't know about this character. I do recommend both the original and remake. Carrie is a shy teenager, and this iconic scene when she is covered in blood would make a perfect halloween costume. Really easy to make, if you don't have a similar hair colour, just get some spray on hair colour, a white/pink/peach cream dress and a ton of fake blood and you're ready to go!

American Horror Story White Nun 

If you've not seen American Horror story, the nun is an icon from the 2nd series and widely know! Not only this a perfect mix between easy costume and recognisable. The white gown can be brought from £10 on many costume sites and the black and white makeup can be brought for as little as £1 per colour. 

The Shinning - The Twins

Looking for a easy to do costume with a friend? Then this is perfect for you. I'd also like to mention that the twins aren't the same height or weight so it doesn't matter if you and your friend aren't the same height or weight you'd still be able to pull this off. With similar style of dress widely available you'd probably be able to get the costumes and then add the details on afterwards. You can cover the dresses in blood too or keep them plan like they are, whichever you'd prefer.

The Addams Family - Wednesday Addams 

Wednesday Addams is such a well known character from the Addams Family. With a plain black dress with a white collar and braids, her look can be made very easily! Also this style of dress is very in right and you'd be able to re-use the dress which is probably the best part of any costume.

The Addams Family - Morticia Addams

Just like Wednesday Morticia Adams is such a well known character and her gothic look is so easy to remake. A long black dress, red lips and a wig, or spray colouring your hair and you're sorted! I personally love Morticia's style and would love to dress up as her one year.

These are just a handful of ideas! But, they're all great and super easy to do. What are you dressing up as this halloween?

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