Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Festive Craft Ideas

Hey lovelies, I recently wrote about How To Stay Budget Friendly This Christmas and since that post I've even thinking about ways to keep costs down for decorations, gifts, or general bits that could be DIY'd so today I'm sharing a few of them with you!

Create Some Christmas Decorations

Normally when someone suggests this I always instantly think of children decorating the house come early December and thinking of awfully made loo-roll reindeers that my parents LOVED. Now I'm a little older I like to look around for options for decorations, and recently I've started to think a lot about the waste I produce and how to bring that down.

I've found some absolutely cracking little ideas for making decorations including little pinecone Christmas trees, reindeers made out of wine corks and little quirky bits like this, and I'm loving it. I can't wait too start making some for my home.

Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Upon doing some research into bits that could be DIY'd I came across the most gorgeous little tutorial video on how to make your own Christmas crackers. It saves on silly little plastic gifts that don't really get used, and I'm all for trying to help the environment where I can. You can even buy empty ones that you can fill yourself, which I think is pretty nifty.

Craft Your Own Calendar

Making your own calendar is a really great way to make something super personal. I'm a big fan of making gifts that are genuinely something that someone would love. I really enjoy adding tiny details. The same as with crackers you can buy empty calendars and fill them with anything really. Last year I made a friend a calendar that was filled with little letters of motivation and cute things to perk her up daily as she was having a really bad time.

There are so many ideas for calendars, I know flying tiger is great for them! If you're in need of ideas then make sure to check out Pinterest too.

Create Christmas Cards

Making Christmas cards is something that can actually be quite cheap to do if you already have the craft resources for them, if you don't then there is obviously a cost for buying all the bits you might need. I work part time in a print studio so personally I like to screen print designs onto cards and onto wrapping paper.

But with some crafty bits, a pack of plain cards and envelopes (buying them from the Range is a shout because they are honestly such good quality and pretty cheap) you can make some absolutely cracking designs. Nothing is more meaningful than a handmade card.

Wreath Making

Whenever I see Christmas Wreaths I instantly think of the festive season. I think they are great on front doors, and really great adult way to get into the season. Last year I went to a little class on how to make one with a little wine and group of strangers and I had the best time. I'm hoping to share a blog post this year on how to make a budget friendly but still aesthetically pleasing wreath. Look out for it!

Festive Baking/ Snack Making

Look the best part of the festive season has to be the copious amounts of delicious food and wine that it is socially acceptable to ravish. I love festive snacks, from Christmas tree/ Christmas pudding biscuits, to Christmas cake. I could eat it all.

There are so many great variations for recipes of easy and quick to make snacks and treats that are great for children or for adults! I personally love making gingerbread houses, it's such a great little activity for the evening especially with some wine.

I'd love to know some of your favourite festive crafts and activities to get up to, and a bonus point for your favourite Christmas drink. Mine is mulled wine.

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