Tuesday, October 29, 2019

AD| My Bedtime Beauty Products

Hey lovelies, it has been a while since I've shared a beauty post on the blog but since the weather is getting as little bit cooler and I've been focusing more on my evening beauty routine that today I would share my bedtime beauty products.

I've previously shared on my blog about having violent insomnia, so I always have lots of time before sleep to pamper myself. For the most part, day to day I don't wear any makeup so I don't spend very long taking off makeup or using any makeup removing products. Before bed I'll start with having a shower or a bath, and use all the lush products. I'm a massive fan of the Rose Jam or Lord of Misrule shower gel, or a lush bath bomb to start my bedtime wind down period. I also think the smell of the Rose Jam helps me sleep better. 

If I feel like I need it I'll start with a double cleanse, this is only something I've recently started doing and I don't necessarily do it every night but I do find it particular more helpful on days where my skin doesn't feel as great or I've wore more makeup, or sweated to death at work. The two parts of a double cleanse, involve an oil based cleaner that will remove any excess makeup or any oil based makeup that is a little harder to remove. The second step is using a gentle cleanser that is normally non soap based to remove the excess. It's great if you wear a lot of makeup but I personally don't do it if I don't need to ( I'm a little lazy)

Then I'll move onto a lovely little face mask, my personal favourites are the lush jelly face masks, they come in the cutest little tubs and I keep them in the fridge so that they stay cool it makes them feel so much better on the skin. I find the bunny moon the best for the scent, and it applies amazingly especially if you have chilled them. I always use this time as a chance to unwind, and be away from my phone. I'll always opt to pick up a book why I chill with my face mask because I love the ambience and it just gets me ready for a goodnights sleep.

Once I have gotten the face mask of my face, I'll normally make a cuppa and then opt for a little bit of moisturiser. Both of my nans have some of the most flawless skin, and look atlas ten years younger than they actually are, both of them absolutely swear by moisturising daily. It's literally been something than I have been doing since I was in my early teens because my dream is to have skin as perfect as theirs. I love using the Gorgeous face mask from Lush, it's a really expensive one but the smell of the pineapples and the feel of the skin is amazing. If I don't have Gorgeous then I will opt for  a Simple or The Ordinary moisturiser because they work just as well.

The next most important part of any bedtime beauty routine is sleep, making sure you have a comfy bed is key, a good mattress is a must, Beds.net have some amazing options! I'll always fluff my pillows, and I like to keep my sheets as fresh as possible. After that I'll try my best to sleep, I recently purchased a silk face mask because I've heard that they are amazing for helping your sleeping, and keeping your eyes less puffy. Which is amazing.

I'd love to know what your bedtime beauty routine is, and what products that you use and if there's anything that you absolutely swear by.

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