Wednesday, September 18, 2019

When Blogging Becomes An Obsession

Hey lovelies, after writing my 50 Engaging Blog Post Ideas I was thinking about personal posts that I could write, things that have bothered me lately and I thought about a time where blogging really wasn't enjoyable for me. I'd say with all certainty that it became a borderline obsession and actually exceptionally time consuming and emotionally draining.

I've been in the blogging game a fair few years, before this blog I had another blog meaning I've been at this a solid 5 year now if not more. Around two years ago before I took a year long break from blogging, it was getting to the point where I was checking my stats every single hour, maybe more than that. I couldn't go a day without going on my laptop to write, or to email brands. I found myself seeking ways to make my blog the best it could possibly be but literally 23 hour a day. It started to become way way too much, and yet I couldn't stop myself from being obsessed and absorbed with it. So here are some signs it's getting too much.

You Check Your Stats ALL The Time

It's normal to care about your growth, and for a lot of people blogging becomes a career or if not a great side hustle, there are many ways to produce money from blogging. Where stats are involved, in most cases in my experience the better your stats, the better the payment for posts, the more opportunities that you are offered. But, when it gets to the point that you're logging into analytics every hour just to see if you're hitting your goals, and how harder you need to work to get there, it starts becoming too obsessive. You can care about it, but allow yourself space and time to enjoy what you're doing without constantly looking at numbers.

You're Attached To Your Computer/ Phone

It starts of with small things, like checking twitter or instagram more often than your probably need to. Going along to a point where it's constant that you'll be checking your likes and your comments on everything that you post as soon as you post, and physically waiting for the ineraction. You'll find excuses to schedule more than you need too, and it'll end up that you have your phone in your hand all the time.

You Can't Go A Day Without Working 

When it gets to the point that you're not having a day off at all ever, then you're probably getting into the obsession stage. I know its different for those who use blogging as a full time job, but I didn't and for me there was no need to be so absorbed in my phone and rot be writing three times a day around my other job and being literally incapable of doing anything else in my time off.

Tips for talking a step back

Once I realised that blogging was sort of taking over my life, these are the things that I did to try and take a step back and care less about numbers and statistics and more about the content and the writing and enjoying blogging again.

  • Take an extended blogging break - If you physically can't stop and you feel like its getting too much then I think the best thing too do is too take a long blogging break. This is what I did and in the space of a year I wrote only 13 posts. It was what I needed and now when I write I only write the things that I want too and only post when I feel like posting.
  • Turn off notifications on social medias - If you don't want to delete your social medias, then the easiest way to stop checking them is to simply turn off your notifications. The whole ignorance is bliss works amazingly.
  • Schedule your time - Make sure per day you're only going to spend x amount of time writing/scheduling/working and after that do something else, whether it is watching some TV or just chilling at home eating some ice cream with your partner.
  • Numbers aren't everything - I know that as writers and bloggers we all want to be successful and want to work hard so that we accomplish this, but numbers aren't everything and aren't a measure of how good the content is, yes it is lovely to see many people reading your posts but it really isn't the be all and end all.
I'd love to know if you've had any experiences where your passion for blogging has become  obsessive, if you have any.



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