Thursday, September 05, 2019

Tips For Being Sustainable With Your Fashion Choices

Hey lovelies, I thought I'd write about something today that has been bothering me a bit lately. I've always been someone who buys ALOT of clothes online, in no way am I sustainable with my fast fashion choices. This is something I've been trying to change. Sometimes I don't even wear bits that end up in my wardrobe or I previously haven't recycled old clothes when I should. So here are some tips I've been using to try and make my fashion choices more sustainable. 

Fix Old Clothes

It happens to all of us, you'll fall in love with a piece of clothing and then over time it falls apart or it breaks and in most cases you get rid of it. Fixing it up or restyling it is a great way to make sure it's not going to waste, that you're not replacing something which can actually in most cases be fixed up. This also gives you the chance to alter things and change them up.

Don't Throw Clothes Away

Whether they are damaged or old, if you can't fix something; donate the fabric or the garment. You might have a friend that has an eye on some pieces in your wardrobe that you no longer love (this happens to me with my work friends a lot) that you can give pieces to or swap with. If that's not something that you want to do you can always donate to charity shops, clothes recycling banks- there's many options for this!

Shop Vintage or Charity Shops

Where I'm located there is one amazing vintage shop that sells some absolutely gorgeous bits and up styles old vintage pieces. Especially denim jackets which are like my one weakness in clothing. There are some amazing steals, and I know there are amazing places like this around. If there is a store like this near you then I would check it out because there might be some amazing little gems. Charity shops are a great way to find clothes too, very often I've walked in and found some amazing pieces that are brand new still with there tags on from a variety of well known brands at a fraction of the price. Also I know we're talking about clothes here by charity shops are banging for buying books too.

Less Is More

I'm not saying that you need to throw away half of your wardrobe, but having pieces that you genuinely wear and use on rotation is much, much better than having pieces that just sit there and end up unused or in a landfill. Making smarter decisions of your clothings and thinking about them in the long term will be so helpful to your wardrobe.

Do Your Research

Looking into clothing and sustainability can be so overwhelming, understand the chain of production to how ethical or eco-friendly they are can be mind-blowing. Or at least it was for me the first time I had a look. If the ecological is something that bothers you look at the fabric that the clothes are produced with and if it's the ethics then look at how much the labour policies and the wages of the workers. Some countries have stricter labour rules than others so looking for these things can really help you make more decisions.

I'd love to know if you have tips for being more sustainable with your clothes and wardrobe, let me know!


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