Monday, September 23, 2019

Saving Money From Blogging

Hey lovelies, if you reads my twitter complaints then you'll know that I'm currently fighting off paying the last of my debt off, and hopefully I'll be entering 2020 debt free. It's made me think about ways to make and save moneys as a blogger, I think I'm even going to add a finance section to my blog.

Be Aware Of How Much Blogging Actually Costs

Blogging can be as expensive as you make it but I feel there is a heavy set pressure to make sure that you're constantly having new bits to review, or the money to go out and review things or go to nice places. The cost of a camera, the cost of flatly props, the cost of travelling to events these are all things that are easily forgotten. I'm often invited to events in London but nowadays I don't go to them very often because I can't actually add an extra £30 to my budget weekly to get to London if needs be.

Use Stock Images

Not everyone can afford a fancy camera for blogging, and in my case if I hadn't have needed a camera for university then it would have taken me a lot longer to get one. Stock images are a great way to use high quality images on your blog without spending a penny. Also they can be amazing when the weather is bad or you don't have time to shot bulk amounts of photos.

Shop Around and Reuse Items

Starting with hosting and websites, there are always alternatives. Look around you might get a better price, I know that this is massively different between blogger and Wordpress but there are always different hosting sites than can be better on your budget if you have one. If you're constantly buying things to use as props or to review, try reusing them or selling them on Depop /eBay to make some money back if you can.

Don't Buy Things For The Sake Of It

Look we all like nice new things, but if blogging starts to be expensive or too much on-top of your monthly budgeting then stop buying things you don't need. There's a lot of content that can be created without spending a penny. Just be mindful of how much you can spend!

Use The Money Made From Your Blog On Your Blog

This is something I've been doing from day one, with most money made from blogging it'll be sorted via Paypal. Paypal allows you to keep money in the balance and for the most part I store all the money I make from blogging in that balance and then if I need to buy anything for the blog I then use this money to do so. That way I'm not always using money I don't have.

As a side mention here, collecting all your blogging money in one place allows you to save it and build it up which can be amazing throughout the year as it's extra money if blogging is just a hobby for you, or a side job.

I'd love to know how you save money from blogging, let me know in the comments!


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