Sunday, September 08, 2019

Realistic Goals For The Next Ten Years

Hey lovelies, the past few weeks I've been genuinely thinking about my future and what I want to be doing and if the choices I'm making now are going to get me there and how I can realistically get myself there, so I've set a few goals to help myself get there.

1) Keep Writing

Since my second year of university I've even dying to become an academic writer, as time has gone I still want to be a writer but I'd love to be in film review or lifestyle writing, maybe even a little bit of copy writing. So the easiest way to get there is to continue to write and continue to work on getting smaller writing jobs until I can take it up full time.

2) Work On My Health

I've mentioned this a few times on my blog but I have a blood condition and with age it seems to be having a larger impact, that and my diet and lack of exercise outside of work is absolutely ridiculous. 
So the goal will be to start going to the gym most likely in the new year and start eating better as soon as possible.

3) Buy A House

This year I've almost cleared all my debt which means that it's time to start saving for a house, because I want my own space so much. I'm getting sick of renting and moving and having the stability of my own place would be beautiful. I know this will take many years for me to save the money but would be so worth it! Plus lets think about all the amazing decorating that I can do at the house and all the homeware shopping!

4) Get A Cat

Since a partner is not on the horizon for me ( I really don't want one) I'd love to have another cat, I lost mine to a liver complication a few years back and since then all I've wanted is to have another fur baby in my arms. Once I get my home this will be the first things on the books for me because who doesn't want a trusted kitty companion?

5) Get The Dream Job

I love my current job so much and I can't stress this enough, but in the long run it isn't a career and if I want a dream home I need a better job with sort of paycheck where I can afford to save for a house and live comfortably. There's so many different things that I'm interested, like events plannings, social media work etc that I'm excited to start getting myself out there one day.

6) Finish my PHD

I officially started my PHD last year and I've been slowly doing work on it. I'm undergoing my doctorate with a specialism in painting but I'm doing it 100% theory based and I'm excited to continue writing my thesis and to see where it takes me. I'm onpurposely doing this part time because I can't commit to going back to student life for three years without working, I physically couldn't afford too.

I'd love to know if you have goals for the next ten years and where you would like to be? I mostly hope too be happy and healthy and have my dream home.


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