Saturday, September 28, 2019

How To Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

Hey lovelies, working from home can be really tough because of the exceptional amount of distractions around, personally I find it hard because it's never been my typical 'work' environment. For the last few years, especially during university my home would be the last place I ever did work because I'd always run to the library or do my university work at my actually job in between shifts. So here are tips to stay motivated when you work from home.

Get Up Early

I will be the first person to say how much I absolutely hate waking up early. It's also a fact if I'm sitting in my office I'd rather work during the day, whilst I work well at night too. I find if I force myself out of bed and work during the work day hours then I genuinely get more done. It gives me more hours in the evening to do other things, like housework and attend my actual job! 

Cut out Distactions

Like I've mentioned above, if you work at home distractions are absolutely everywhere. Personally I struggle with snacking and Netflix, if those are options I'd much rather do those activities than work. So I try to stay as far away from my TV, fridge and flatmates as physically possible. There is less room for distractions if I work in my office space, than in my lounge.

Have A Separate Office Space

Honestly this helps so much, I prefer to work in libraries or quiet pubs but when I am at home I do have a small office desk space which I only use for writing or PhD work because distractions are everywhere. Walking up to a desk everyday will make you feel like you are at an actually job in my experience.

Plan And Schedule What You're Doing

I'm all for goal setting when I work at home, I need to know what I'm doing and I like to plan this through noted in journal and set small goals that I highlight off when I finish. I like seeing my progress through the day, it feels like small deadlines that you have to meet. It helps me get everything done because I'm not one of those people that can work without a plan it makes me feel disorganised and lost.

Take Breaks

If you were in an office you'd take a lunch hour and walk away from your computer etc. Make sure you're doing this! You need to have breaks every so often to keep you focused and stop awful computer headaches (y'all workaholics will know what I mean). Even if it is going outside for five minutes or so every hour and eating a good lunch make sure you give yourself some time to relax and rest.

Wear Shoes

Now this might sound ridiculous but I remember watching a Vlog a few years back, where the Vlogger said when she worked at home she always wore shoes because it made her feel like she was doing things. Whenever I do this, it's like I go from slouching around to feeling like I'm actually working which maybe a placebo but it works so so well! I highly recommend this even though it does sound a little weird.

I'd love to know how you stay motivated when you work from home, let me know your tips and tricks in the comments.

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