Friday, September 27, 2019

How To Revamp Your Blog

Hey lovelies, this blog post title makes this post sound really serious but I've been blogging for a long time and when writing my When Blogging Become An Obsession post it had me thinking, that the content that I make now is oodles better than the content I used to produce and that my blog should reflect who I am now, and not when I started blogging years ago. So it was time to revamp and recreate a bit. 

Get A New Theme

Now I'm well aware that Pipdig are a no go for most people now, but I've yet to find an alternative that I love. New blog themes can be so cheap to buy from Etsy, and I know there are many wonderful brands for purchasing them. Most themes will have an option where the maker will install it for you to taking away half of the hassle. A new blog aesthetic is a great way to update your personal brand.

Update Your Blog

If you can't get a new theme or don't want one, then edit up the other bits on your profile. Change up your profile image, edit your bio, change your featured posts to suit you and your personality best. Edit up your categories if you blog has taken a major shift, change the categories to think you currently write about or things you want to write about! 

Edit Old Posts

For a series of reasons this is such a valuable thing to do, for SEO, for improving imagery, improving the text. When I edit old posts for the most part I go through and edit the imagery or replace old images with better lighting, or edit up the text. Making the text more relevant to how I write now, improving any spelling mistakes. I also tend to add in better back links, and link to newer posts where possible.

Make New Content You Love

After a blogging break, I wanted to make new content but I wasn't sure what. My previous posts where much more beauty focused and now I much prefer writing lifestyle, fashion and blogging help posts. The best way to recreate your content is to write things that you genuinely enjoy and have an interest in.

Make A New Blog/ New Social Medias

If all else fails, you can just start over! I've done this twice myself and sometimes it just is the right decision if you feel like your blog completely doesn't represent you as a person. Sometimes getting a new social media account can help you with falling back in love with the app if you've fallen out of love for it. I know this happens with me and twitter.

I'd love to know ways you revamp your blog, or clean your blog up.

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