Friday, September 06, 2019

How To Choose The Right Car For A Road Trip

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If you’re planning a road trip, it’s important that you have the right car for the journey. You need to be sure you can rely on the car you’ve chosen, so you can enjoy the trip without worrying about the car breaking down or other problems. Follow this guide to find the right car for a road trip.

Gas Mileage
Driving may be cheaper than flying if you’re off on a trip, but it’s still not actually cheap. For long distance driving, consider how often you’ll need to fill up with gas. The less you have to fill up the tank, the more money you’ll save. Look for a car that gets good miles per gallon, so you don’t run out of gas halfway down a long, empty road. 

Comfortable Seats
A road trip means spending a lot of time sitting in the car, of course. Long trips sat in the car require comfortable seats that offer proper support for your back. Whether you’re visiting Mercedes Dealers, or second hand cars from the newspaper, give the driving seat a test. 

Spend some time adjusting your seat so you’re in a comfortable driving position. Look for fabrics that feel nice to sit on. If you’re going to be driving somewhere cold, treat yourself to a car with seat warmers to keep you cosy on the trip. 

Quality Sound System
Half the fun of a road trip is singing along to some road trip classic songs. Test out the sound system and make sure it sounds good. How do you like to listen to music? If you’re a CD girl, check if the CD changer is easy to use. If you’re going to connect your phone to use Spotify or Apple Music, check the AUX inputs and the Bluetooth capabilities. Make sure you can use it easily while driving, so you’re not distracted from the road trying to change the song.  

Climate Control
If you’re going to be driving through hot or cold weather, decent climate control will make your trip a lot more comfortable. You want to be able to adjust the temperature in the air to keep it a nice temperature for driving, whether you need to keep warm or stay cool. 

Cruise Control
Cruise control isn’t something many of us use, but for long trips it can go a long way to make your trip more comfortable. On a long stretch of open road, pop the cruise control on and give your foot a rest from the pedals. If you can, look a car with adaptive cruise control, which will automatically slow the car if you’re getting close to another car. 

If you’re going to be in the car for a long trip, safety should be a top priority. Choose a car that will beep at you if your seatbelt isn’t fastened, so you can’t very far while not properly secured. Look for automatic lights so you don’t need to worry about turning them on for night time driving. 


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