Sunday, September 29, 2019

Five Things I've Learnt Since I Started Blogging

Hey lovelies, have you ever considered how long you've been blogging and what you've achieved in that time? I've been thinking about it lately, and I thought I'd share some of the things that I've learnt sine I started blogging back in the day.

You'll Be Happier If You Write Content You Want To

Especially when you start blogging it is very easy too all down the hole of writing about the newest product and things that are popular because you might not have found your grounding in blogging yet, and the things that you like and want to write about will be ever changing ( or at least they were in my first case). If you were what you want where it's a review on an amazing meal in averse to a product review or a lifestyle review then you do that shit. You'll be happiest if you write whatever the hell it is you want too.

You'll Never Have Any Free Time

Blogging is one of the most time consuming things that I've ever done in my life, when I started blogging as well I wanted to improve so much. So obviously I spent way more time writing and editing posts that I probably should have. I would constantly be scheduling things, editing things, making my blogs look pretty. I wrote about it over on When Blogging Becomes An Obsession. Even now I want to write all the time, so I rarely ever have any free time cause it's the thing I love doing the most.

Growth Takes Time

I've been blogging for years, and even now I would still say my blog is still growing in multiple ways. I'm lucky enough to have built up quite a great following on twitter, but it has literally taken years to get there. I used to get so disheartened with apps like Instagram because it felt like it wasn't happening for me, and in the end I stopped using the app because I had enough. I wish I'd have had someone to tell me at the beginning that things take time and that's okay.

You Don't Have To Be Positive All The Time

Especially when I started to blog there was this massive twitter stigma about positivity and being over positive and rarely could you log into the app without seeing it. With blogging I think you run the risk of seeming overly happy, and that's fine but if things aren't going your way and you want to share that. Thats completely fine, you don't have to be happy every minute of the day to make people on the internet feel a certain way about you.

It'll Cost You Money

I think when you start writing a blog it is very easy to overlook the cost of running a blog because you aren't aware of everything that you might need for blogging at the beginning. Website hosting costs was the one that caught me out in the beginning when I went self hosted, I also spent a lot of money on blog props and camera bits. Which was an investment in hindsight but it felt like I was spending a lot in such a short amount of time. Making money in blogging didn't start happening for me till I was a good year into blogging, so it took a fair bit before I started making that dollar back.

I'd love to know the things that you've learnt since you started blogging, and anything you wished someone had told you when started your blog.

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