Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Blogs I've Been Loving Lately

Hey lovelies, today I thought I'd share with you all the blogs that I've been enjoying lately. The last month has been the first real month of my return to blogging after almost a year out and I wasn't even sure where to start reading blogs again. Luckily some of my trusted favourite blogs were still about and I fell in love with some new ones too! 

Jenny's blog is actually one I've been reading for years. Her content is always so high quality and I love the variety of topics that she covers from blogging tips to wellbeing. I find there's an incredibly amount of honesty on her blog and that's why I love reading it so much, because everything she posts is so relatable and/or interesting. Recently I really loved her post Why You're Doing Twitter Promotion Wrong I found it so incredibly helpful and it's helped my twitter promotion tenfold. 

Alice's blog is another long term read for me, I've been reading her blog for years. Throughout her struggles with chronic illness and through her personal growth. I'm a massive fan of her alternative style in fashion, and her fashion posts are some of my favourite in the blogosphere. I recently really loved her post The 5 Best Brands For Funky Clothes.

Jemma's blog has always been one of my favourites because again her posts are so honest that they are so relatable. Since the birth of her daughter River I've been loving the posts Jemma has about the family and the updates on her daughter, I enjoy reading them so much. I've also really enjoyed her 5 Tips For Starting Your Own Small Business post because her creative posts and artwork are gorgeous.

Sophie's blog is one of my newer finds, and I have to say everything she posts is literal food porn. Sophie's blog is based on vegan dishes and most of them are nutrition based and cater for a wide range of allergies. I absolutely fell in love with this recipe for Vegan Triple Chocolate Pancakes.

Mel's is a blog that I've recently come across, I really love the variety of lifestyle to beauty posts. For a really long time I fell out of love with beauty blogs but I enjoy Mel's post so much, and as you can see above her photography on her blog is absolutely gorgeous too. I've really been enjoyed her September Glossybox Review.

I think I've genuinely mentioned Sophie's blog about 50 times on here before but even through all the years I've been blogging I still adore it. I love reading about her experiences with premier films, and her honest reviews it gets me so excited to watch new film releases.I absolutely adores this post by Sophie because genuinely really jealous it looked amazing, and its just a banging post Film Event: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Immersive Screening.

I hope y'all enjoyed reading this and go give these bloggers a ton of love because they are amazing and I enjoy them so much. I'd love to know your favourite bloggers let me know in the comments.


*All images belong to the bloggers mentioned in this post.

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