Wednesday, September 18, 2019

50 Engaging Blog Post Ideas

Hey lovelies, I've had a long weekend off blogging and it was great and I've done nothing but sleep and watch all the movies. On returning to my laptop I needed to find some ideas for writing, as I mentioned Juggling Blogging and a Full Time Job can be so hard so hopefully these ideas will help everyone including myself!

Lifestyle Blogging Ideas
  • Share some tips and tricks for hobbies or crafts that you're good at, such as baking or home DIYs. Things that your audience can engage with.
  • Feature your blogger mail - we're all nosey and enjoying reading these sorts of post!
  • Share your tattoos/ tell us a story about your tattoo art - these are some of my personal favourite posts to read. I love seeing others tattoo art.
  • Tell us what you're currently reading, or a book that you've fallen in love with. ( shameless self plug, if you want a book suggestion here's the Books I Loved In 2019)
  • Share your favourite Netflix/Amazon/Hulu watches, or a show you can't stop watching.
  • Show items that you're lusting over, through a wishlist or a round up post. A great way to use affiliate links too.
  • Let us know your self care routine, or share self care ideas that you love and work for you.
  • Share a Q&A style post, it's a great way to get your audience involved and engaged with your post.
  • Tell us your tips for sharing money, and being thrifty from food to fashion! We all love saving some money here and there.
  • Share with us your favourite podcasts, or favourite music and playlists if you have any you think your audience would love.

Travel Blogging Ideas
  • Share your travel bucket list and destinations you need to visit!
  • Tell us about your travelling experiences, both positive and NEGATIVE. I personally love reading about travel nightmares, honest posts are the best.
  • Show us your must have travel necessities or items you can't travel without.
  • Share your favourite places to visit in the town that you are located in, from restaurants to sight seeing.
  • Tell us your dream travel destinations around the world and why you'd like to visit them. Such as Places To Visit In 2019.
  • Your tips and tricks for serving long haul flights.
  • Share your favourite beaches to visit around the world, or any seaside resorts whether home or away.
  • How to pay for and enjoy a luxury holiday own a budget.
  • Share the story of your first time abroad, or if you haven't travelled abroad your favourite vacations spots in your home country.
  • If you've travelled solo, let us know your best tips for getting about and your experience with solo traveling. 

Beauty Blogging Ideas
  • Share with us some of the favourite items in your makeup collection, and maybe some looks you've created with them.
  • Tell us the most disappointing items you've used in your beauty collection, and why they didn't work for you.
  • Show us your most recent beauty haul.
  • Let us see what beauty products you'd use for a date, or if you were going out. This could be used as part of a makeup look book.
  • Tell us your favourite products from a pamper evening.
  • Share with us your favourite seasonal makeup or beauty products that you really couldn't live without.
  • Show us your favourite nail looks, nail product, or if you like nail art share that with us too.
  • Tell us your favourite tips for storing your makeup and beauty products.
  • Share your go to skincare products that you can't live without.
  • Show us the skincare that you use when you travel, or a post on your must have products for vacations.

Blogging Post Ideas
  • Share with us your favourite or most popular blog posts you've ever wrote in a roundup style post. 
  • Let us know which blogging tools you use the most, such as apps, technology or everyday tools that you think would help others.
  • Share you blogging pet peeves, the things you can't stand about blogging.
  • Tell us tips you've found that help improve your Domain Authority or any SEO tips that you've been using. 
  • Share the best tips you have for improving your views or traffic on your blog.
  • Let us know your favourite tips for using social media to help your blog, and which social medias are your favourite. 
  • Share the dream brands that you'd like to work with and why you want to work with them.
  • Tell us how you take your blog photography and any relevant tips and tricks that you have for blog photography.
  • Tell how you schedule and organise your blog and blog posts.

Fashion Blogging Ideas
  • Show us your favourite seasonal outfit of the day - also a great way to add in affiliate links.
  • Show us new additions too your wardrobe and how you plan to style them.
  • Share your top five seasonal outfits and how you style them.
  • Tell us what your favourite date, office, or work outfits are.
  • Share with us your personal style and tell us how it has evolved throughout the years and what the key pieces of your style are now days.
  • Share with us your favourite places to haul clothes from, whether its on the hughstreet or vintage/charity items.
  • Share a piece of clothing, and five different ways in which you style the piece to make different outfits.
  • Tell us one of your fashion icons, and the iconic looks of theirs that you love.
  • Share with us your favourite footwear and how you style them with various outfits.

I hope these ideas are super helpful, and if you use any of them for a blog post I'd love to read it!


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