Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Realistic Ways To Improve Your Blog Views

Hey lovelies, after my last post I thought I'd share with you some of my tips for improving your blog views and traffic. I do want to start this by saying that actually, I don't think there is any one quick way to increase your views I've been at this for years and I'd only say I'd figured out what works for me in the last year or so! 

Schedule Tweets With Active Reposting Accounts

Utilising twitter correctly is a great way to improve your views, if you're scheduling promotional tweets for your blog such as with hootsuite or buffer and tagging relevant and active reposting accounts, they will be reposting those tweets making your outreach a lot higher. There are tons of blogging/blogger retweet accounts on twitter but honestly I find that's there is a handful that work better for me, and very few that actively retweet! So keep this in mind when you @ or hashtag in blogging retweet accounts.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, in short it's how people find your blog from a search engine. How this works is split into lot of factors, from DA to PA, to link features and frequency and social metrics. There are many posts/ebooks, sites that you can read up on this on and use to improve your blog. I found in my case as soon as I fixed broken page links and sorted better hashtags for my posts that my organic viewers went up much higher.

Advertise On Other Blogs

This is such a good one for establishing strong backlinks to other sites, there are many other bloggers that offer this service. If you go to most bloggers website you will find an advertising page, I used to offer this service myself but no longer do. Tweets with backlinks to your blog will improve your views, as your blog will be shared to a wider audience, even having your button on someone else blog will be great for adding the occasion view.

Comment Threads

Twitter blog comments threads are a great way to engage with other bloggers and read other bloggers, thus helping your view counts. Many retweet accounts have these threads and they can be found almost daily on twitter. The only issue with this is, if you're doing this often then your bounce rate might get higher which in the long run isn't a great thing, but there are other ways you can settle that.

Social Media

If twitter isn't your jam, make sure you're using Pinterest, facebook or instagram to plug your blog. Facebook is a great one because there are many blogging groups with hundreds or thousands of members where you are able to share your blog. Pinterest I've heard can also be amazing for traffic with pinning, and obviously instagram can be utilised in the same way. Whether you use one or all of them, make sure they're a part of your scheduling routine!

I'd love to know how you've improved your blog views in the comments, or if this post was helpful to you let me know!

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