Monday, July 29, 2019

Staying Creative After University

Hey lovelies, today I thought I'd share how I've stayed creative after my university experience. Especially with the arts I find if you don't have a work space it can be very hard to continue making creative works if you paint or make sculptural work. Here's what has kept me inspired and creative.

If you can afford to rent a studio

I was very lucky because a studio space in one of three studio spots in my town came up almost instantly after I finished university, so I snatched that space up straight away. It's quite a modest price for the large space I do have at £100 pm but I know coming straight out of university that not everyone could afford this. I really recommend having a look around and seeing what spaces you can find, I've seen some as cheap as £50pm so it is possible. Obviously not every creative needs a studio space but having the space to be creative is amazing

Make a work space

If you don't have/can't have a studio, then make somewhere when you work. Set a space aside, clean it out, make it ready for your creative practice. Even if it means just buying a desk so you have somewhere to draw or write. Just somewhere where your mind can be in a positive space to make work, I know that's different for everyone for me that's personally a super quiet room with my paintbrushes and books.

Get your work out there

Instagram, and other online platforms are a stuffed full of opportunities, many of them free to apply to! Even checking out the #openehixibition hashtag on Instagram brings up a ton of great galleries/ websites with opportunities. Obviously there are pages you can follow too that have lots of opportunities, personally I avoid these but they do exist. Don't be scared of rejection, you have nothing to lose when applying and if something does come of it.

Make time

The post gradation life can be so hard, you can be stuck paying off debt, working most of hours of the day just to be able to afford to live, moving home can cause all sorts of issues. If you want to stay in the creative jam make sure to make an hour or so as often as you can, I personally try to give myself an hour everyday if I can to write, read, paint. I'm not in a position where I can always make more time except the odd weekend here or there but every time spent making, is time spent getting closer to your dream job or dream creativity.

I'd love to know if you did a creative degree, and what you've done with it after or even if you didn't do a creative degree leave a comment and let me know how you stay creative.

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