Thursday, July 25, 2019

Recent Art Works

Hey lovelies, a few months back I made a post called "Art I'm Currently Working On" and I thought that today was time to write up another. I'm still almost shy about sharing works on the internet even though I have an MA in art it still feels so weird.

The last few months I've had a bit of a creative "rut" sometimes when feelings get in the way I find that I feel less inspired to make works, so I've been trying to work my around that by printing things I like rather than things I think other people will like. This included a whole lot of ghostys and gothic things because I love that shit. I also spent a lot of the last month trying to find the motivation to get myself back into separation screen printing as this is something that I personally love and I want to get better at, and potentially master one day.

So as you can see a whole lot of stuff is going on, no real links but in August my plans are to make a set of halloween themes theme to set off a nice lil print still ready for the fall as in the new year I really want to have a crack at having my own lil art store again! The money would be hella nice for some savings and I really would like to stop having stock piles of prints everywhere.

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