Friday, July 26, 2019

Places To Visit In 2020

Honestly if next year doesn't kick off as the roaring 20s with a Gatsby style party then I'll be so disappointed, but that aside here are some places I'd like to visit in 2020. I've decided to try and explore England a bit more next year, but a cheeky international holiday is always on the books.


I've been to York before but I'm dying to go back, especially at Christmas time, it has such a lovely vibe to it. I absolutely love the Shambles, its such a cute street of shops. Also can we talk about all the amazing food options that York has, I remember the last time that we went that there were so many options for food it took us so long to pick somewhere.


Why this is a gorgeous seaside town in Kent, the only reason I currently want to go is to see the Turner Contemporary, which has newly been renovated. I'm a massive art nerd and I want to see what it has to offer. I'm sure I'd be tempted by the seaside delights once I'm there, I'm a sucker for coin machines and claw machines.


Nottingham is somewhere that is on my doorstep, it's such a short journey away and I never go. There's so many great places to go for drinks and too eat, even the art scene is great. I have a fair few blogger and art friends in Nottingham so I really should go more. I really want to go to alchemist, I've been dying too for such a long time.


Now this is a sneaky one to add to the list because in all honestly I list London once a month if not once every two months, I have my hospital appointments there and I often visit with someone I kinda like. There's always so many great places to visit and things to do, I'm hoping to get in a few more trips this year to go to Kew Gardens in December and to visit God's Own Junkyard, and the Fenchurch Street Sky Lounge.


Bath is such a beautiful place, and one of my friends literally never shuts up about it and how great Somerset is. I've always thought about visiting but its never really come up, but now the more I think about the Roman baths the more I want to go and have a browse.


Honestly I bloody love a seaside town, having come from one myself. I've been to Brighton once before but I didn't get any real time to explore it and that's my main reason for heading back. I'd love to go to the Sea Life Centre and Brighton Pier.


Rome is the one international holiday I really want in 2020. I've been dying to go for such a long time, it's somewhere that is so rich in history, culture and Italian food. I want to go so badly. I want to be stuffed full of pizza, see all the classical art, see all the classical sculpture and all the beautiful architecture. I'm going to ask my girl gang if they wanna go so the three of us could have the best time, add in some wine (lots of wine) and I think it'd be the best holiday of my existence.


I think Paris is one of those places I could visit a hundred times and never get bored off. In 2020 if I can afford it I'd like to take my grandparents to Paris for the weekend to thank them for all the lovely things they've done for me why I was studying my undergraduate and postgraduate degree and they deserve a lovely weekend away. I also can't wait to visit some more galleries, drink coffee and maybe even see a stage show.

Although right now I feel like if I make it to any of these places that it will be a massive success because I feel like all I do is work and study atm. I'd love to know if you have any travel plans for the upcoming year, and if so what they are! 

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