Friday, July 26, 2019

Get to Know the Basics of Wearing a Long-Sleeved Dress

Not many girls will opt to wear long-sleeved dresses for homecoming or prom, so if you want to be different and stand out, then this is the perfect dress style to go in. Typically, dresses with long sleeves are sophisticated options for those who want a modest look. But, these can be very versatile too such that you can choose design variations that make the dress unique and show off your own personal style.

Choosing the Right Dress

There are many gorgeous designs and styles for homecoming dresses with long sleeve to choose from. Long sleeve dresses come in all silhouettes and styles, which make them ideal outfits for any social occasion. Fitted gowns, ball gowns, short dresses, and even two-piece dress sets can come with long sleeves. Indeed, because of its versatility, there is a long-sleeved dress best suited for your needs as well as the requirements of the event you are attending. 

What about the appeal you are aiming for? You can definitely pick a long sleeve dress with the right cut, style, design, and embellishment to achieve a desired look. For example, you canpick one with a high neckline that features intricate bead work and flattering patterns to create an elegant appeal. An illusion neckline with beautiful floral appliques can give a long-sleeved dress an ethereal feel. A-line dresses with flowing skirts made of tulle and other soft fabrics are great choices if you want to exude a romantic appeal. Plunging necklines, open backs, and sky-high slits can upgrade the modest long-sleeved gown into a sexy ensemble. A lacy two-piece dress set or a fully beaded dress with flowing fringes create a fun and flirty appeal. Bell sleeves and flowing dresses with floral embroidery channel boho chic vibes. 

Add Accessories

This type of dress does not require a lot of accessories at all. In fact, when you wear a long sleeve dress, it is highly advised that you skip wearing a bracelet. If the dress features a high neckline, it is also recommended that necklaces be left at home, unless you are wearing a monochromatic solid fabric in which case you can don a statement neck piece too. Usually, a hint of classic gold jewelleries or a beautiful diamond or pearl earring will be appreciated but too much can be overwhelming.

Since you will be skipping on the jewellery, you can opt for embellished clutches or purses. Plus, make sure you have great nails with pristine polish because your fingernails will definitely be noticed. A beautifully polished set of nails provide the perfect cap to the long-sleeved ensemble. Make sure to wear nail colours that complement your skin tone as well as the colour of the dress.

With regards to your footwear, this will depend much on the design of your dress. Generally, sturdy stilettos or pumps are good to go. Most long flowing dresses will have the foot area covered so you can choose footwear that is more comfortable for you to move about. However, if you are wearing a long-sleeved dress that shows off your legs, then find an attractive pair of shoes in colours that do not clash with the colours of your dress. Make use of the colour wheel to achieve a harmonious look.

Also, depending on the theme of the event you are attending, you can dress up your hair any way you want, from keeping all of your hair in classic updo or giving it more freedom and letting your gorgeous mane cascade over your shoulders. A kept hairstyle is best for a modestly designed long-sleeved gown.

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