Saturday, July 20, 2019

5 Signs That The Time Has Come To Replace Your Quad

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Quad riding is somewhat of an addictive pastime, with more and more UK people opting for an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). If you have reached your limits on your current machine, perhaps the time has come for an upgrade. Here are just a few of the indicators that point to a quad upgrade.

1.  You Have Reached the Machine’s Limits– If, for example, you purchased your first quad a couple of years ago and now you can control it very well, your next step should be a machine that’s designed for higher speeds, and whether you are looking at new or used quads, the time has come to upgrade to something with more power and better handling capabilities. Let’s not forget the road legal quad bikes UK enthusiasts can get at Quadbikes R Usthe UK’s leading quad supplier, where you can buy everything you need for some serious ATV riding.

2.  Frequent Repairs– Just like a car, a quad can reach the end of its life, and if the repair bills are a frequent occurrence, you might as well trade it in for a better machine. The dealer would likely give you a good discount on your new quad, which would either be stripped of parts and scrapped, or repaired and resold. The engine is obviously the workhorse, and should there be thumping noises coming from the big end, or white smoke emitting from the exhaust, it might just be time to replace the quad, and if finances are not exactly ideal, you can work a suitable deal with the supplier. If you fancy some self-repairs, there is a detailed description of a four-stroke engine, which will give you some idea of what is required.

                                                           Image Source: Unsplash

3.   The Rider Has Outgrown the Bike– If you start at the age of 12-14, then soon enough, you will have outgrown the machine, and with something like a 500cc, with more power and torque, you would be better suited. It is actually uncomfortable for an adult to ride a junior quad. It is normal for a young rider to master the small quad quite fast, and once that happens, it is time for a bigger and more powerful machine. Going from a 250 to a 500cc engine would give you a lot more power, and, of course, the bigger quad would have stronger suspension, plus a whole lot more extras that you will need.

4.  A Change of Terrain – You might have started on flat fields, which can be great fun, but now you want to negotiate some hilly ground, which requires a totally different type of quad, one that has better suspension and a set of knobbly tyres. Engaging hilly ground is a unique experience where balance and clutch control are essential, and if you would like to part exchange your quad, an online search is all it takes to find a dealer.

5.  Quad Doesn’t Suit your Style– It can happen. However, just like a motorcycle or car, you might simply don’t get along with that specific model you’ve been using. 

      Image Source: Unsplash

With a leading quad dealer a Google search away, you can browse an extensive catalogue of both new and used quads, all at affordable prices.

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